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  1. I find it better to have a gate down and run with the GGS. That way if I run into a GD I can drop the GGS and continue with the other doors.
  2. I am fairly certain that the reset time is the time you completed the Throne of Miscellania quest.
  3. Hegel

    2 clients?

    It is illegal to do that: http://www.runescape.com/rules/rule_multiple_logging.ws
  4. Try using a different browser, and check that your Java is up-to-date.
  5. Generally Melee > Mage > Range. Since you can't (or don't want to) use melee, go with mage. Melee can handle everything, with the exception of Necrolord, that range is good for (i.e. magical creatures). Using mage will allow you to hit the forgotten warriors that have insanely high melee and range defence.
  6. Since you can't get a primal baxe you should stick with your prom 2h and berserker. Even if you could get the baxe, the 2h might be better since you don't key that much. Spending points on desperado is fine since you can always get your tokens back. Unless you have a hexhunter (which you shouldn't since it should only be considered for 3rd or 4th binds), you will only be using your desperado against Necrolords. So, while there's little use for it, there's no harm getting it.
  7. Your math is wrong. You need to kill at least 1 more dragon per 5 minutes, not 5 more dragons per minute. Simple dimensional analysis should tell you that.
  8. 1 317 363 582 / 10 553 = 124 833.088 Used to be about 160K/hr before I started chopping trees.
  9. Follow the above advice except that you can get hood on lower floors - it's just more common on higher ones. It is true that the expert teams require you to use hoods, but you aren't going to get into an expert team any time soon anyway. Just do the highest floors you can do on 5:5 larges and you should get a hood by the time you can start thinking about those teams.
  10. I used this guide: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Partying_is_Such_Sweet_Sorrow
  11. Just a few updates: There is now Ardougne Cloak 4 (although it is not superior to Cloak 3). It seems that the Dungeoneering Master Cape doesn't (or no longer) provides a prayer bonus over regular trimmed skillcapes, so it is no longer as heavily recommended. There is now elite void, which should help to lengthen chinning trips (and cut costs) significantly. Also, I will soon be far too busy to update this guide or answer questions regularly due to real life commitments.
  12. 2Hs require 4 bars - it just takes 1-2 promethium rocks and a decent ring to get them. As far as I know the floor doesn't affect the number of mining rocks you get. To maximise the number of promethium rocks you get you will want to do a large floor with a team of high level miners. If you do so it will be almost impossible to not get enough ores for a P2H.
  13. If you are taking 5 minutes or more to do c1 dungeons, you must be doing something wrong. Even if you are soloing you should be able to average 3 minutes or so. Try to do c1s in teams: you should be able to do c1s in under 3 minutes (including 30 seconds wait) easily.
  14. As said above elite top and bottom can only be stored separately; to store normal elite you must have all three pieces (top, bottom, and gloves). So, unless you have an extra top and bottom, you will have to store some pieces in your bank.
  15. Bind law runes instead of sagi arrows. World 77 has been poor ever since it was made a dungeoneering world. Quite a lot of those from 77 shifted to 148, so try 148 when you get your dungeoneering level high enough (probably 80 or so).
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