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  1. Very nice, i love the rare's :) But wouldn't it be cool if you get a blue mask as well? mask set ownz :oops:
  2. If I play on my main or my pure pker, then i always want to pk, I just can't train skills on them. That's why I began a skiller :)
  3. Dungeon were iron/steel drags are ;)
  4. i have rubber chicken but .. i like green mask, scythe and bunny ears to :)
  5. 99 ranged 70att 60str 99 defence 99 mage :P tanker ftw
  6. Cooking! i have got3 times freaky forrester, 2 times mime and alot of other randoms. :). You will get 1 per 10 minutes or so : .
  7. 2 times 100k cash :P, 1 in the fishing shop and 1 in varrock bank were someone died from a zombie.
  8. lederhosen hat and soon cooking cape ( i hope O:) )
  9. not really but I like my lederhosen hat :)
  10. 1 ) Look around, many pure F2P'ers here 2 ) this is F2P General 3 ) Hai, im pure F2P
  11. I would go back to the time when the scythe came out. I would get all holiday items and make my account a tank ranger =P~
  12. I was 10 but i haven't heard of Rs yet and my pc was slow, very very slow .. :-w
  13. 99 mining F2P, i would mine rune ore all day .. :-#
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