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  1. How don't you notice these things? I'm high half the time I play RuneScape and I still notice these things lol.
  2. Yeah camtasia is t3h ownage. If anybody needs a key maybe we can work something out.
  3. Well I'm glad you all liked my video. Watch some of my others if you're in the mood for a laugh.
  4. Okay you're right - I'm sorry. I brought negativity into your thread and I shouldn't have done that. I also agree that more bank space would be a good idea. I was f2p again a while ago and believe me - it was NOT fun.
  5. ~Edit LadySarafina~ Content not wanted on this topic. Do NOT repost anything like this on this topic again.
  6. I've never used hypercam but let me sum up what it can do. It can record anything on your screen. It's better than windows movie maker. It doesn't leave a watermark. You can adjust just about any setting possible and it's so easy. You can export in many file formats including gif, swf, m4v, and many more. It's freakin' AWESOME!!!
  7. I don't understand your question.
  8. ~Edit LadySarafina~ Content not wanted on this topic. Do NOT repost anything like this on this topic again.
  9. It always amuses me how you are all so busy putting me down yet you never stop to consider that perhaps I'm joking. And I'm using Camtasia. 30 day trial but I have a key :)
  10. Well I've recently taken the responsibility upon myself to record all/most important wilderness events that I attend. Why? Well it helps out BK, plus it's easy and I like recording history. Anyways I've been using this crappy program that adds a watermark and doesn't do things professionally or properly. I'm pleased to now announce though that I have found a great new program that does everything I want AND MORE. I made a little video demonstrating my new powers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW_9QINOgFM It's just a short fun little video with mostly me goofing around. Watch it - who knows maybe you'll get a laugh.
  11. he just owned the thread, it pretty much sums it up. :lol: Presence of items carrying loyalties to certain gods does not imply belief in a god. I own a bible but it doesn't mean I think god is real.
  12. for lobbies, swordies, monkfish, and sharks please
  13. Why are you putting p.s.? Is this a letter? The only thing out of line is your sense of when to stop. It's already been clarified that I wasn't being serious so drop it. And finally, I asked two questions. Answering the second question depended on the answer to the first question being yes. Ergo, if the answer to the first question was no, then there would be no need to answer the second question - yet so many still did. Again... drop it.
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