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  1. I already quit. And all it took was my friends shifting from Runescape to World of Warcraft, the game I am now playing. RS is a bit too childish now that I look at it. Though I still drop by to say hello to my friends now and then :P I also had school to deal with which I swiftly took care of and passed woohoo.
  2. This sounds more like a rant to me. I'm an -old school- RSC person, but I don't think of myself as better. I do however take pride in having been around longer, but I don't look down on people. Well, only those who think they're totally awesome for having a party hat or santa hat. -.-
  3. Good luck with your more new goals Oreoooo :) haha, bet you didn't expect me to say something cause I'm retired! Miss ya buddy :) -Wolfy
  4. Yes, take it to the RSOF where you will be thusfore attacked by immature 12 year olds with horrible spelling attempting to be cool with lines such as: "Butz tehn i wunts b able 2 kn0 h0w 2 do anyting wit teh new update!!1111" cause they don't care about adventure they want to get it done and over with. That's one major reason I left, Jagex has dumbed down RS so much that it practically is a childs game, fortunately for WoW, it's still a bit more adult, mid to upper teenage years and older. I rarely run into anyone going "phr33 st0ff pl0x" or "NooB!" etc, etc.
  5. Most people who play RuneScape can't afford the godly computers required to run lag-less in WoW. WoW is killing monsters over and over again for a week until you hit level 70. You're right that's way harder and nowhere near as repetitive as the 20+ skills, great story lines, and tons of quests and mini-games RuneScape has. Yes, WoW has much better gameplay... And runescape isn't? Runescape is much more repetitive than WoW, sorry guys. Runescape is simply grinding as well, and some quests. Yes, there are some awesome story lines in RS, unfortunately Jagex hasn't even completed half of them. WoW has loads of storylines as well in quests, you get to learn about all the history of how WoW is today due to the Three years of Warcraft, the invasion from the Burning Legion, and the Scourge. Not all the characters look the same. I'm on a not super awesome l33t lap top and I run WoW fine in windowed mode. Graphics are nicer, PVP is fun (Especially on a PVP server :D), Lots of good people, fun instances, raids, clan support, battle grounds, etc. Runescape may have 20+ skills, but you level them all the same. Get the mats and then grind them to 99. Not to be biased on this subject, I retired, and I ended up playing WoW, still playing it in fact. I have an awesome guild who helps their lowbies and runs instances and will quest with people. Also, WoW is bigger, more areas, all with different stories and quests. Runescape lacks this, I mean Jagex hasn't updated the elf lands in how long? I played RS for about 6 years starting in RSC, and quit last year in December I believe. I still drop by now and then to say hi though. I may or may not come back to RS, but at this rate it's a no I won't be. So yes, once you go WoW (I'd say abou 80% of people) you never go back. :P
  6. ------------------------------- World of Warcraft Graphix: 9/10 Game play: 8/10 "Extra" Features 9/10 PvP 10/10 Trading 10/10 PvL (Players vs land, land being npc's) 9/10 Quests 10/10 Skills 10/10 Cost 5/10 TOTAL: 79/90 ------------------------------------ RS Graphix (high detail!): 6/10 Game play: 5/10 "Extra" Features 9/10 PvP 5/10 Trading 4/10 PvL (Players vs land, land being npc's) 7/10 Quests 9/10 Skills 9/10 Cost: 8/10 Total: 62/90 And no, that is not because I've retired from RS and gone to WoW, I seriously put thought into each of these.
  7. Runeh! Good luck on your 99 hunter. I've completely retired from RS, minus showing up to say hello shortly every now and then. :P I still visit the forums though, yep.
  8. So in other words, the Saradomin GodSword basically is like a full Guthan set. Except, you no longer need all of the pieces of the Guthan set. So you can wear whatever armor you wish instead. And no more repairing it! Plus it's a sword that brings pain :P
  9. No, it does not show that it's "Out" or "Wrong" it shows that what I see, the prices drop, but I'd say 90% of those items he listed are going back up and stabilizing (Or just stabilizing in the first place after the initial shock/drop). That's good, it means people are learning to stop panicking.
  10. People can stop being so lazy and still buy the materials and then fletch their own... It'd allow the 3k limit. But remember, Jagex is supplementing all of this by peoples quest point amounts. So if you have a friend who can do itfor you, than you're fine. Or you could simply: Chop your own yews, fletch them into bows, pick your own flax, spin it on your own, and then fletch them into full bows. Then you can also mine your own pure essence (If you have mage guild entrance ability than it's pretty fast!) and rune craft it yourself. It may TAKE LONGER, but you also get all the experience from making it all yourself. :)
  11. Time has changed again, I had to move it an hour earlier, because I have work at 2PM on Friday, so it's now at 12PM so then I have time to get ready for work after the party.
  12. Most people who want to RWT to get money fast, is gone, you can only trade 3k at a time (Which they're changing on the amount of quests you have done, so it's still going to be under 100k) why would you spend 4 hours to get 1m, when you could get that by doing it yourself? Why waste your own money for 1m when you can do it yourself for some time? It's not worth it anymore, that's what JaGEx has done, they've made it highly inconvenient to the point it's just about not worth doing at all.
  13. 1) Learn to spell properly + Proper English and grammar, it was hard to read your rant, if you can even call it that, unfortunately. 2) This rant fails, what you're saying is completely out of proportion. No one PKing hardly effected the economy, skillers and merchants did. Oh dear, merchants are gone! I actually care about that, why? Because they're gone! They RUINED the economy. But as for you saying: "Oh noes, teh pking is gone, no mores peoples will bai muh stuffz!!11" is just wrong. Plus people are going to Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars, and you lose stuff! So therefore, people are going to buy food still! 3) Go away, please, if you're going to talk about any sort of economics, be sure to do some kind of research, because even if I've only taken an Intro level Economics class in College, I still know a lot more about what's going on, it's really cool actually. Edit: I re-read the -rant- it makes a bit more sense, some of the things I can agree on, such as the cheaters ruin the game, but as for everything else, everything will adjust and settle down, people just need to stop whining and being babies and grow up. They seriously need to calm down and stop panicking about everything. But still, some of what I said above still goes.
  14. When I was bored I at in the wild (p2p) by the Zammy mage for like an hour, and the only revenants I saw were: Goblin and Imp, I don't think there's any super high leveled ones at level 6 wild... Is there? :?
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