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    I'm expected to put something clever here.
  1. I've seen that video so many times and it still amazes me. Hauntingly beautiful... But scary as hell. I pray to god something like this is never used in warfare again, even though I know it will be.
  2. Haha, I remember always fighting with my brothers over who gets to be Oddjob.. Yes, it's annoying as hell. I'd be walking around and out of nowhere I get a bullet to the crotch <_<
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_explosion Those mushroom clouds really happen. I didn't say it doesn't happen, I said it's unlikely you would be able to see it because it happens in a split second, and you would probably be dead. It doesn't dissipate in a split second. It slowly rises into the upper atmosphere and dissipates over a much longer period of time. Not exactly sure how long, but more than a few minutes. Although if I saw a mushroom cloud I wouldn't be concerned about this argument, I'd have to do something awesome. I like the idea of listening to Tool, but I think I'd listen to the song Right In Two, I find it a very fitting song to hear in a situation like this. Only problem is it's 9 minutes long..
  4. You aren't alone, this is a pretty bad habit of mine. And even though it's probably on a fairly small scale, it's still giving me a lot of problems.
  5. And likewise, the insurance for my truck is almost the same as it was for my little Toyota, which isn't very much. And AWD helps a lot in the rain too, but still isn't necessary. My toyota held up like a beast in the harshest winter in years, only getting barely stuck once in 2ft of snow.
  6. [bleep] Jeep. Get a Zr2.
  7. Tim_Finch


    Is this the anniversary of his death? Yeah it seems like it's been about a year.. I was pretty saddened by his death until I found out it was because he snorted Oxy Clean.
  8. I'd actually agree with Kaphias on the Subaru if you live in a snowy climate, mainly because AWD is standard on them.
  9. I hate the fact that Facebook is some sort of social obligation... My mom comes in to my room the other day, "Your brother posted something on your wall, why haven't you replied yet? He's going to think you're blowing him off!" I try to explain to her that I don't even use Facebook, but she simply can't grasp that concept. A certain episode of South Park comes to mind.
  10. x2 I used to have a '93 Toyota Celica, and I still believe it's one of the best cars ever made. In it's 17 years the only issue I've had was the suspension going out at 160k miles, and that's because I beat the hell out of it. If you're taking suggestions for vehicles, I'd highly recommend this. It's very affordable and very fun to drive (especially the 5-speed).
  11. And don't be afraid to actually get up and walk out. It's all just mind games. On the website I mentioned earlier, there's actually a 7 page article on one of the website's staff who went undercover as a car salesman for a few months. It's very interesting, and it tells you about all the mind games and what they do to play the customers. Edit: this is why you may prefer to buy from a private party, much less stress and pressure involved in the transaction.
  12. In my experience I've found used vehicles to generally be more reliable than new. But again, that depends entirely on the make/model. A 4x4/truck can be loads of fun, that's why I have one myself, but remember that for the same price, you can get a better/newer car. Just make sure you do your research first. I'd highly recommend checking out Edmunds.com, you can find reviews on any car ever built, and tons of helpful articles, including how to buy a used car. I spent about 8 months researching on that site before I made my purchase.
  13. Or people that don't use them until they're already turning. For some reason that bothers me more <_<
  14. Tim_Finch


    Made an appointment to get a new Flowmaster exhaust system for my truck :grin: Getting it installed next week, can hardly wait.
  15. I have a job, but it's only like 15 hrs a week. I was thinking about building something, but I don't really know what yet. This might be a stretch, but you could learn to weld. Then you're opened up to a wide variety of things to build with scrap metal, as long as you have an imagination. Kept me and my brothers pretty well occupied over the years. If you don't happen to have a welder though, I wouldn't dish out the money.
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