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  1. If the OOC was revived I'd sit at work and pick cabbages all day, every day..... Forever.
  2. I forgot about the birthday banner! I also feel like you need to revive the OOC since you're playing again. Remember them?
  3. Here ya go. There's more but they're mainly just my leveling screenshots or other random things. These are the ones you're in. Most of the still working links on my blog were yours too actually. The only working links seem to come from the time I got 99 FM till I got 99 Fishing. I also don't know how to do the thing with the Show buttons, so deal :D This is us syncing our 99 Fishing capes right after I got mine (thats Erk copying my old outfit and Celt by us). Your screenshot of me getting 99 Fishing. The people behind us from left to right are Erk, Mirror, Queenvalerie (ranged cape), Celt, Mrpez in the back (my brother), and Devoted. \ Your screenshot of my getting 99 Firemaking. Getting 96 Fishing (LIKE A MAN.) with you and Queenvalerie. You and me doing KQ. For some reason I was in pink boots. Relevant pic. (yay for holiday drinking) You took this one. I guess a teleport tab or something glitched and I was really tiny for like 10 minutes. Triplet dance party! (you, me, and Phaper Plane)
  4. I miss it too! I tried to log on the other day but apparently Runescape got all fancy in my absence and my account is locked for being old. I don't remember half the info I need to unlock it, but the D-Chain and all the other items are still there. I may try to re-make my old avatar, lots of free time at work. Astronaut sloth will do for now though. If you have any old screenshots post them though! I don't have any and all of the links in my old blog are broken, the only legit pic I have left of my character is the one Toast made a while ago (look at the first post on this blog). Also, bump. Edit: Oh look, now Tip.It ate my signature pic also. Guess I didn't have that saved either. GG Second Edit: Looked through 100+ pages of my blog (lol told you, free time) and found about 15 screenshots from when we played together. Wanna see?
  5. I love how I'm still the first post on this blog. And that you still have that icon (I lost mine, damn forums!).
  6. No, do you? Yes, do you? I have a 10 year cape, I think that's like, justifiable cause for a drinking problem. No I don't even know if my account still exists.
  7. How come nobody wants to sing Katy Perry with me? Do I smell?
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