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  1. Lol, Shadowfax just got Soul Raped from behind just like his precious Xbox.
  2. Well it wont change this degrading and sycophantic community.
  3. This is the kind of thing Jagex should be doing, except if they did it it wouldnt be nearly half as good as this. Hopefully Sly Wizard wont hijack this thread. Getting sick of herb seed drops. Every day i have to reset the prices to minimum on the ones that im selling.
  4. Runescapers need to get it into their heads that ranging and maging are fine, its your own stupid fault if you didnt bring hides or a bow. I hate all these morons who think that dueling in anything other than rune legs, torso, whip+defender etc is cheating.
  5. OMFG MY 27 IRONS! I HOPE THAT NOOB DIES IRL!*&%[email protected]$&^@@&[email protected]!$ No. Epic fail.
  6. :D Alched my cape last night, and tried again this morning! Jad hit me about 4 times, LOL! See the text: Alching firecape? That's moronic but i suppose you have skillcapes that you'd rather wear.
  7. Thanks, last time I panicked and misread attacks, should do better next time. Plus a few unfortunate things happened, like a 360 spawning next to me and melleeing me a 45 lol.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, might try fight caves again tomorrow. So far its lag 1 jad 1 me 0.
  9. Im doing fight caves with rune crossbow and addy bolts, and was thinking of getting a couple of hundred enchanted bolts to save for jad. Q) Do Dragonstone (e) bolts work on Jad? I know hes not a dragon but I wondered whether he was exempt from the fire breath attack, seen as apparently all Tzaar creatures are made from lava or something. Q) Have you had any success with other enchanted bolts on jad? like diamond, ruby tipped, onyx etc. Thanks.
  10. For total, and because you look like a newb if you're like 110 combat with 50 cooking.
  11. Best thing to do is just put them on your ignore list. It only satisfy's them when you stick your ground (with words). Yeah but I really wouldnt have any space on my ignore list if I added everyone like that. Unfortunately the Runescape community is full of jerks like that. Hell, at least its better than these forums, where most people act like sycophants to those with high post counts or popular blogs.
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