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  1. No, you're logic is flawed. First off, this forum is actually designed so that users can post their achievement and get recognition for it. No where does it say that this forum is designed for people to show an achievement in hopes that it has enough "showability" which, by the way, is not even a word. This forum is, however, for players to post achievements which is what the original poster did. In no way was his post not fit for these forums. Secondly, how you can you base your rating off of something that is going to vary between people depending on when they actually started playing RuneScape and when they actually started training the skill. I reiterate, would his achievement still deserve a 3/10 if he had started playing a month ago or if he had started working the skill a week ago? Finally, in response to your break down of the ratings, would it not have been more fitting to average your two ratings? A 7/10 and 2/10 should equate to a 4.5/10. The only way it could go lower is if you weigh the "showability" more than the achievement, and, considering this forum is specifically for achievements with no mention to "showability", I cannot fathom one weighing "showability" more.
  2. Does the lack of rarity of it make it any less of an acheivment? Almost 200 people have all 99 skills yet does that make it a 2/10? No. Same acheivement no matter how many people get it. I'm sorry that you can't see that basic logic because your too narrow minded. 8.5/10 Yeah, same achievement. That's why I said it ain't particulary bad to get the 99. But if you post it here, you basically say: "look at me, I have something to show!". So, I see the pic, and realize I see 99 strength all the time, I give a low rating. It just ain't special. Or, if you want to specify it, it's just as special as 67 herblore or 65 runecraft. So, basically, that's my opinion, so I rate based on that. I'm very sorry I'm not all like "ZOMG IT R SO GUD 10/10" which some people tend to do at every freaking achievement that gets posted here. I'd rather be honest. You can whine all you like, but I'm entitled to my opinion. Whatever your opinion is, is your business, and feel free to state it. Not that I'd care, though. So, yeah, 3/10. To be honest, you're logic is quite flawed. He has something to show because he put work into something and achieved a result. The amount of work is the same whether he was the first or the 100,000th. He still had to earn the xp. If the highscore list was not there and you could not judge him by how many people had come before him, then you would have no basis by which to judge. If you're going to judge him by anything other than the sheer amount of work that went into getting that skill, you should judge by the amount of time it took him. If one started with a level 1 character today and managed to get level 99 strength by next week, would the achievement still by worth a 3/10 simply because I wasn't in the first thousand or ten thousand to get it? No. So, without any knowledge of when he started playing or how long it took him to get the 99 strength, you cannot judge by those who have come before him. This forum isn't for uniqueness, it's simply here so that one can show an achievement; so that one can show that the all the work they have put into getting a high level in a skill has paid off.
  3. About two and a half or three years ago, I decided to quit playing RS. When I did so, I figured I'd be gone forever so I gave everything away. About a week ago, I started playing again. As such, I don't have much wealth yet so if I lost it, it'd hardly even affect me.
  4. Too many effects. They all have extreme contrast; the first one especially. I would use filters and effects a little less and work on creating a flow with the c4ds that you're using. They all seem a bit too saturated too. They have potential, though. Keep it up.
  5. Call of Duty 4 has already destroyed Halo. By far. I used to be a Halo fanboy and I do still love the game but there's just no comparison between COD4 and Halo 3.
  6. I doubt it was your uncle. I would think that he'd just wake you. It's fully possible that you did it all while you were asleep.
  7. So just because someone beats another in something, that person should just quit? Yeah, that makes sense. With your logic, we wouldn't have any of the tech we have now. Anyway, the movie looks like it should be pretty good. I'll probably see it with some friends when it comes out.
  8. It makes sense. Although it's not just gay men who have the HIV/AIDS virus, there's a higher percentage. Honestly, the number of gay men who have rare blood types probably isn't even high enough to justify risking taking blood from them. If they did allow them to donate and even one incident occurred in which a person received the virus from blood that was donated by a gay person, there would be major debates on the whole thing.
  9. Our high school gives final exam exemptions based on certain criteria. You can't have more than three absences in the said class and three tardies count as one absence, you can't have been suspended, and you have to maintain a passing average for the semester. Aside from that, it's the teacher's choice. I got exemptions from most of my teachers but my calculus teacher doesn't give exemptions. So I have to take one final next week but I can go home during the rest. It's going to one hard final. Simply hell.
  10. Saving Private Ryan One of my favorite movies of all time.
  11. I play French Horn and Mellophone during our school's marching season. I prefer playing French Horn in a concert setting by far though. I'm thinking of majoring in music performance during college but I don't know if I will. I also want to do premed and since I have a passion for both, I'll probably major in premed and either minor in music or just play as a hobby.
  12. There's no such thing as a stupid question, just inquisitive idiots.
  13. Two. You take one apple so you're taking an apple, not apples and you're leaving an apple, not apples.
  14. I'd say the Patriots are pretty much guaranteed to go to the Super Bowl. On the other side, I think it'll come down to the Packers vs the Cowboys. If the Cowboys start playing better than they have been lately then they might make it to and even win the Super Bowl. If the Cowboys keep playing the way the have been the Packers will be going to the Super Bowl and I would say that New England will probably win. To sum everything up, I predict New England will win the Super Bowl over either the Packers or the Cowboys depending on how both of the teams play in the conference championship.
  15. It should be noted that for most people, it would be easier to use the pinky once they get used to it to do the long hammer ons in fast solos in stuff. Logically, it just makes sense that four fingers would be better than three if you can get used to it. umm is it cheating to do those long hammer-ons with my single index finger? :oops: Not if you can do it. That's crazy though. I often do three notes or so but I haven't really tried to do any longer than that. Kudos to you though.
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