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  1. Was going to post this. As far as Jagex can tell, they aren't logging in from China- they are logging in from wherever the proxy is. All a China IP ban would do is stop non-tech folk being able to play.
  2. It's not really that often. My guess is that uptime is over 99%, which equates to an hour downtime every 4 days (not including updates). This is pretty good..
  3. How do I join the clan chat? (I've never joined a clan chat before)
  4. I also can't see the satisfaction in this. 480m combat XP will take a year at least grinding away. I know quite a few people have already done this, but I really can't see how this would enhance your quality of life. If this is the only thing left in runescape to 'complete', then maybe find a new game/play real life for a bit.
  5. You might get disheartened with training on controlled. I would do them one at a time personally
  6. Interesting, so when I'm in accurate mode my attack is invisibly 102/99 and so on? I wonder which holds the greatest advantage in the long run- maybe it's a rock paper scissors scenario. All we can do is speculate unless anyone knows the algorithm that calculates the chance of a hit, and the amount of damage. EDIT: I just had someone sneakily enable the shield spot as I wasn't paying complete attention. Is deception the secret?
  7. So I've become interested in maxed box staking. I'm wondering if there is a strategy that actually provides a sustainable source of income in the long term. I'm assuming that each attack style is equal (Accurate, Aggressive or Defensive). Please correct me if I'm wrong, as this is crucial. Because of this, I'm assuming that the chance of winning each fight is 50%. Currently I've been using the martingale system, where you double up your stake for each consecutive loss. I've had reasonable success, which is typical for this system. However, in the long term the chance of losing everything is 100%. See the wiki article for an explanation of why: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martingale_(betting_system). High profile stakers must have some other tricks up their sleeve that tip the odds in their favour. What could that be? So is there any betting strategy that works long term?
  8. Impressive.. I'd always assumed staking is always 50:50 if you are both wearing the same equipment. How do you put the odds in your favour?
  9. Hey, So I'm playing again after a 2 year or so break, and wanting to make decent money. I always used to do dag kings for money, is this still decent or should I try something else? Stats: 99 all combats except 93 pray + 96 summon. 93 herblore Cheers,
  10. I'm a registered Apple developer, and I have been running iOS 5 on my iPhone for the last few weeks. Beta 1 was pretty buggy, frequently crashing etc. Beta 2 was released about a week ago and is much more stable. You need a mac to install iOS 5 as you need Xcode and iTunes 10.5 Beta.
  11. I have a large amount of cash and no particular goals. For me, a blue partyhat would be an almost endgame goal, but a divine spirit shield would be cool too. The question is: How can I convert my cash pile into a blue partyhat? :thumbsup:
  12. I don't get it, how did you lose out in a 1 bil trade? Please explain :P
  13. 109k people online now. I'll guess that 40k of them are botting.
  14. Saw a guy not talking to anyone at abbys, wearing elysian and guilded. Check his alog.. lol (remember to look at the dates) (For when it gets edited out here's the stats: 31 whip drops since the 28th of july. LOL) feed://services.runescape.com/m=adventurers-log/rssfeed?searchName=Africa%A0Rebel
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