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  1. I had the tipit tool bar at one point but ended up getting rid of it cause i got a laptop. Where on tip.it can i find that tool bar? Thanks.
  2. opinns

    200m xp

    Thats what i was thinking. Been doing slayer last few days on controlled and hardly gotten any combat xp it seems like.
  3. opinns

    200m xp

    I'm thinking of getting 200m xp in combat skills, currently around 40m xp in each. My question to you all is would it be faster to train each one separate or using controlled (shared xp)? Thanks.
  4. The speed of telly/alch is not affected by mousekeys as they are at a set speed. 3 game ticks for superheat and 5 for high alch if i remember correctly (1 game tick = .6s). The only difference is the fact that you have to move your hand without mousekeys. So it is your choice. Move mouse manually and get 90-95 smithing, or mousekeys for easy alching but no extra rewards. Also, 3600seconds / 3 seconds per alch = 1200 alches per hour * 65 exp per alch = 78000 exp per hour = 167 hours from 55 to 99 at max alch speed. Adding time to get 55 and 'inefficiencies' like talking etc and you're looking pretty much at 200h like what Quyneax said. Alright thanks ;) that was really well explained right there.
  5. im only 1 smithing on the char so i cant really do super heating or else i would >.> Knights Sword quest gives you like 30 free levels. yes i know this but im using my number keys which lets you click with 5 on your number pad to telly/alch faster.
  6. im only 1 smithing on the char so i cant really do super heating or else i would >.>
  7. Hello, I'm just wondering how long 1-99 magic would take on f2p? ill be doing curses 1-37 then 37-55 fally tellys then 55-99 alching. how long will this take? please and thanks ;)
  8. Back in classic me and my bro knew someone that was 65 years old that played dont know what ever happened to him he just stopped getting on one day =\
  9. alright, thinking about getting 70 def anyways :P thanks.
  10. Not any better armor for 53 def besides granite but you need 50 str for that. and im 68hp, 68 combat
  11. Alright i want to stake i staked before on this char few years back but only a few times. I want to know what to wear pretty much. This is what I'm wearing atm. Helm: Rune Large Ammy: Glory Body: Black d hide Legs: Rune skirt boots: snake skin Wep: Rune c bow Arrows: Dragon bolts (e) shield: rune kite Ring: archer or recoil Stats 1 att 1 str 53 def 78 range 1 prayer
  12. Alright sweet, thanks all had no clue what to do :P
  13. dont really understand when to do this to get good xp, im lvl 43 dung. and have done all floors up to 22.
  14. Alright cool. thanks a ton all. ;)
  15. Hello, im wanting to get 45-70 defence and 78-99 range but not sure what to kill. i want to get the defence while traing range seeing as im 1att and 1str. Im currently f2p but will be p2p in a few weeks. so what im asking is what should i train on in f2p and p2p?
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