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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. So my bank is like 332m kinda bad for a 138 but I dont merch/76k I just pk and monster hunt. Got this too, from 95 or 96 I barely even trained it except for effigies and assisting but the new elites gave me like 500k smithing xp. Started my 50 day solo td goal and ended up getting 2 shards in 20 kills for a nice 7m and then on kill 107 I got claws again.
  3. I've killed well over 1.2k ice wyrms without a staff of light and yesterday I get on and today I get two in one task. My best clue was a zammy d hide top from a few months ago which was 1.7m but then I get a 2.3m and 3.7m clue in a row (like 3 hours part). Gave those items to my friend who was helping me get a fury kit and ended up getting a sara bow and I later traded the bow for a fury kit. I dont care is it was a bad trade on my part the bows suck and fury kit was the only item out of the new tt items I wanted. Now my bank I was 250m a few days ago and I figured I would only be around 270m but after pcing everything I found out its 292m without my utnradeable pots, 540m with the pots. Its not too good for a 138 I guess but I have decent gear for every boss and enough pots to make a few mills, I never merched this bank its all from killing monsters and pking. Now I'm saving for 99 smithing I only need 1.3m more and I'll bank it =p
  4. I wish to not speak of the horrible acts Mod MMG made me do :-|
  5. Holy snap, didn't know people posted here lol, thanks for the comments =p.

  6. I finally got 90 agility for slayer and only about 300k xp of it was from agility brawlers...it sucked nuts. Made a few mill from the ep and killing pkers who ran by =p. I also finally got Sdn as my name which I wanted since I started back in 02 so yeah it was a good day. Now I just need to get my cls (81/83 dunge) and finish off 99 smithing (350k off 96) then back to pking.
  7. Gratz shane, u r 19

  8. Happy birthday :)

  9. Happy Birthday. We have the same one.

  10. Have a happy birthday!

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