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  1. 99 Slayer. Hawt. This must occur. I have been quite elusive; this will end upon my return to school. :P
  2. Hi dood. Have I told you how much I love you lately? What's been up with you, buddy :)? [hide=Sidenote: 76 Prayer] Current task: Abyssal Demons. Got a whip on this task already. So I'm more than satisfied. [/hide] Oh, I've just been making mutant fruit flies in a biology lab. Which is interesting because I haven't taken sciences in three years. :D Other than that, one more year of undergrad, then law school, a romantic failure, chicken wings, beer, friends, camping trips, running in the rain, some poetry, and some cooking. Probably some other things, too (like that guitar I got a few weeks ago but haven't picked up yet :x). I'll tell you all about it sometime, as soon as I get a keyboard that hasn't been coffee-ed into oblivion. Anyway, how are things in the United States of America? :o Also, come to Toronto sometime, eh? :D
  3. Hai. :o I tried to get hold of you earlier on the 'Scape but I couldn't. So... thanks for all the support these past few years. Though I'm not out of the woods yet, it really helped, and I really appreciate it. I hope to talk with you again soon, anyway. :P So, thanks. :D -Mens
  4. Well, I'll be chugging along rock bottom railroad for a while yet, I suppose. We'll see how it goes. :P Anyway, I'm posting because I blatantly forgot to congratulate you on 99 Woodcutting. Very hawt. Congratulations! :D
  5. Haha, I'd love to grab coffee with you (though I think Detroit with my Dad is the closest I'll get, haha). Anyway, it turns out that my rough patch has turned into a rough swamp. I'm trying to push through it but... :\. Anyway, I haven't given up yet, though I hate to say I'm somewhat close to doing so :(. Anyway, keep on going. :P
  6. But not a triple post. :D Happy belated birthday, man. I hope you had a fantastic day; also, merry christmas and/or happy holidays! :D
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