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  1. i hope that my blog will be as good as you 99 guys but in a times worth i think it will be
  2. thank you for posting. :) They may be more money per hour, but I think it's the feeling that my hard work in Woodcutting to 75 has paid off by cutting the Magic Logs. But thank you, and thank you. :
  3. Thank you, but I've cut Yews since 60, granted I'm only level 63 atm, but still I find it fast. :) Though I'm sure Mages will be somewhat slow. -Anika
  4. Very happy to see that you're seeing someone. :) Relationships are nice. I'm glad she is a big help with your boys. And remember, RuneScape will still be here no matter how long you take. ;)
  5. Hi there! : I'm Anika Fails.i'm working on 99 woodcutting hope i get there soon, my blog will be great, as i'm waiting i will cut yews so please enjoy my blog \ My Character's Outfit Currently -- My Character's Stats Currently -- My Character's Bank Account Currently -- About my bank, I know it isn't much, but It's alot for me. The most money I've ever had at once. All made from Woodcutting. :D (Favorite Skill) Now, the last thing, my goals. I want all of my stats to be at least 20+ And Woodcutting to 75, then I will cut Magic Logs for a LONG time. Perhaps until 99 if I can curb the boredom. So, that's it. - Anika
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