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  1. There is a guide, very well written, in the Guide section. I would check it out.
  2. I am personally just gonna get tassets on my main, and just use Tassets and a torso. Guthans is well worth it. Dharoks not so much. Whip, duh. Dragon boots and mask ftw. So basically if you have a torso its prolly easier to just get the tassets a becuase its 20m or something cheaper with out the bandos body.
  3. Thats all good and well but you were getting slow exp. Don't say you weren't either because I know first hand. :roll: ---- I would say it will take probably around 15k (ish) Iron knives for 70. Personally I did 60-70 in a few days (week or 2 max) at experiments with iron knives. I use to only play like 2 or 3 hours a day so thats why I say max a week or two. There are no drops but its well worth it. The profits from fire giants really arn't that large. So the fact that you are losing out on 5 or so rune scimmys and 100 rune arrows isn't going to hurt you much. True but id rather make a little bit of the cash back.
  4. I ranged fire giants from 50 - 65 range without hassle, just brought a load of iron arrows. 1. That didnt really help me on my question, but i guess thats reassuring. and 2. +44 owns.
  5. Sorry, forgot to put that im going for 70. And if you dont reccomend Giants, what should i do instead?
  6. Ok i wanna get my range up and maybe make a little cash and i figured Fire Giants would be good for that. I would prolly be using iron knives, unless you suggest a faster way. And i was wondering how many knives it would take. I am currently 64 but will be starting there at 65, let me kno what you guys think.
  7. I was recently trying to alch, it seems alot harder now. I couldnt get any bodies on the GE and mage longs sell to higly on the GE for them to be decent.
  8. I believe there is an unofficial guide in Graveyard help and advice, check that out.
  9. Im 62 range and im doing Fire Giants and Rock Crabs atm. I do rock crabs when i wanna be lazy and not click to much and then go over to fire giants when im ready to start playing.
  10. When you get it it will either be at the iron or steel level depending on your ranged level. If you had 50+ range when you did it, you should already have the steel bag or accumulator as it is called.
  11. Anyone have anymore advice, and as for bolts i was thinking of taking Addy for the early waves and switch to some (e) bolts later on in the waves.
  12. Well, yeah i love it on my main, still have to get one on my pure.
  13. You can prolly own with a friend or two, i wouldnt reccomend going alone.
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