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  1. Dang man, goodluck with the 99 smithing goal! That takes patience... keep up the good work!
  2. Good luck with 99 fishing, i give you props if you can make it. :thumbsup: I personally can't stand fishing, mainly because of past traumatic incidents :ohnoes: Feel free to check my blog :wink:
  3. Dude i love the layout 8-) I jsut redid mine but im thinking about doing it again :? Goodluck with your 99 fishing man! Last time i had that goal was in RSC, and it wasn't easy on old character to even get 85 muchless.. so goodluck! P.S: I'm almost 65 defence! almost time to skill again :ohnoes: Woot!! \
  4. hey dude gl with the all 70+ goal, i myself am planing on trying that soon, (well all but combat of course) hope you get it soon :D
  5. yup yup 8-) the c2k party of the century! hey man check out my training progress \ I've been hardcore training like a madman but its paying off.
  6. dang dude your getting up there! i got 62 defence \ Once you hit 2k you gotta throw a party 8-) instead of a y2k bash, it'll be a c2k lol (cam's 2k instead of year 2k for all you thickheaded people :roll: )
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