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  1. Really cool that you are racing someone to max man.. I'd love to do that
  2. Yo! My name is Camaman, and I spent a good hour or two trying to remember my Tip.it password :?. I have been playing Runescape since 2003 and have been a Tip.it remember since 2004. Really happy that I figured it out. Would have been real sad if I lost all my history on here. Anyway, I wanted to re-introduce myself because I have been away for so long. Took an on/off break for nearly 5 years to finish off my B.A, but that's over now, so I'm back for the long term while work full-time. I have no more friends that play anymore, so I want to make some new ones. Hopefully some of the people I knew back in the day are still here, but if not it's alright, cause I know everyone in this community is nice if grew from the one I took part in. Well I'll be tryin to max out, since I'm not to far from it (2431). I dropped from Rank 3K or so in 2008 to 15K in late 2012 (eww) But yeah, I'll be seein ya'll! Regards, Camaman
  3. Hey wasup it's Camaman. Looking for a clan focused on skilling more than anything else. Playing on my own, just isn't as fun to be honest. I don't participate in PKing or Bossing, or any combat based activities, except for Slayer, so I probably won't join any clans that are based on that. Here are my skills: Thanks
  4. Oh my goodness, this is going to be so cool :
  5. I've been 124 for about a year lol. It's about time I got 125...
  6. What the heck dude...quitting is not cool. Lol just kidding, you had a perfectly legitimate reason to do so. I'm available to talk on runescape if you want, it beats staring at my character fishing. If not, it's totally cool. I hope you feel better soon.
  7. Hey Vold, welcome back to the other side of the fence. Good luck with your slayer, even though you just showed that you have plenty 8-)
  8. Thanks Enipeus 8-) I'm really going to need it...
  9. Awesome, I mastered beatboxing Sexy Back by JT Yeah totally off topic...
  10. Spectral Dark Beasts sound like the 95 Slayer Monsters. It's reasonable to assume that if "Dark Beast" is in the name, it's going to be greater than 90. I'm pretty psyched about this update... I think my wallet is going to be phat lol.
  11. Fishing blogs are so hot right now, maybe I'll see you fishing one day.
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