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  1. Overall didn't play a whole lot this week, however I managed to finish the ports requirement for comp
  2. Got some interesting loot at wyverns (bottom row of inv isn't loot) 1600 bolts used, 1 range level, took prob 3~5 hours (tbh no idea because I didn't pay much attention) Overall 170ish killed Also 80 fish on Divines and lastly finished reefwalker scroll on Pendo
  3. Well, ended up not feeling like finishing dg, so i'm still 117. Regardless I figure I'll finish comp off by late march, early april prob. 07 wise I played a bit today, just one level up (61 prayer on pendo).
  4. Didnt plan on dging this much but I ended up getting this Maybe another one tomorrow, we'll see
  5. Thanks :D For a second there I thought you got that on your Ironman :\ Gz gz gz nice clues keep it up Haha, I've stopped iron man for now, more or less a lack of free time and motivation. I will say your daily Arraxor blogging led me to give it another shot after struggling through the 1 kill requirement for reaper. Overall it's been challenging but fun none the less. Indeed Progress wise today, again not much due to irlscape. 78 Fletch on Divines I'd expect this weekend to have some gains hopefully, however I don't have any official bxp plans
  6. Only had time for dailies today, however I managed a level up
  7. I'm a lil late to the party but I finally achieved full superior tetsu Also 77 fletch on Divines and 1600 total on Pendo
  8. Thanks! +4 raxxor kills (21 total now, fastest still 9:06) More fletching on Divines also random clue loot Side note, I managed to get rainbow lootbeam today as well! :D
  9. Not much today, did get this on Divines though Time to fletch 32k yews
  10. Well Dom tower ended up being a bit more of a hold up than I predicted, 13/20 journal pages done now. Besides that all desert tasks are done On another note, I finished the 50 harmony moss req and also have all recipes unlocked, I just need to pay for the rest of them. :c
  11. Just some mining and most of desert task set done today
  12. Did some elites today, up to 44 elites completed here's the tab so far
  13. +4 raxxor kills, nothing too interesting loot wise also random elite clue
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