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  1. guys, can i pretty please borrow soem of u for a tic to help me rebuil the temple. i dont know any other way and i just want to finsh this quest so i can do legends if i can. plz i know it will be annoying for your sake but next time u need help or partner ill be there no questions asked. ty, pm in game or psot i dont care
  2. If you are considering being a rune pure, do not - i repeat, DO NOT train to 40 or even 45 defense for that matter. Often, noobs are under the impression, that pures TRAINED to 45 defense for the sake of the helmet. When in fact, the quest rewards for the required quests to be a successful rune pure all add up to the equivalent defense xp of the level 45. Search for a guide on becoming a rune pure to find out which quests these are. 2-3/10 for your current progress. All I can suggest is experimenting at the moment, find out what you want in your pure.
  3. i think i know what to do ill keep u posted ty rune hq!
  4. rune village says same thing as tip,it what else can i use? - can u guys tell me what u did maybe
  5. ahhhhh... how the [bleep] do u get the normal plague sample in there --it says nothing about that in the tip.it guide
  6. guys so he practically says nuthnig to me, says that his wife is being overbearing, then i go back to elena to se if ive finsihed the quest, and she just goes why r u back here? and asks do i need mroe items, or ahve i forgot what to do, bnuthnig about what did guidor say??
  7. where do u get nurses hat?? i did were the priest robes
  8. so guys i am at the part where ive just smuggled the samples to the 3 guys down in rimmy, the i go to varrock get the back and then i talk to guildor and nothnig [bleep]ing happens. He just say oh his wife sent him a priest to fix him up and excalims that im the plague carrier, then i say to him im a friend from elena and want him to analyse some samples but he says i have no smaples when i have all 3 in my invent. wdf can somone plz help me out i dont understand how come its medium yet hard?? plz relpy fast
  9. I was in end 7th grade, so that would be 2001. I was a pot head then, I'm a pot head now.
  10. Head to the top of ice mountain and go toward the oracle, you can range guards off the top down to the black knight fortress super fast as they're a quest npc - they respawn really quick. You wont get your arrows back, but I hear its the fastest power ranging xp in f2p.
  11. You might like to even go to Edge dungeon and range Hillies from one of the safe spots in there, because normally its completely deserted. That way, easy range xp and steady prayer xp.
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