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  1. Okay so i just finished smoking kills and i got a task for 184 turoths. I decided to use the new dungon. I read i have to fight the mightiest turoth first then the area is free for me to use. Well ive killed him 3 times and i still cant access the turoths??? When he dies nothing happens, i dont get the 1k slayer experience or anything. Help?
  2. ^v^-┬▒Rauhan Recruitment Invitation┬▒-^v^ Hey there! I am a representative of The Rauha Empire. We are an up and coming clan that has just recently started. Our clan is very community focused while also being very diverse in that we participate in both wars and have a skilling section. TRE does not have a specific level requirement, and accepts people of all levels and play styles as long as they are a member. TRE is also an American (CST) timezone clan, meaning that if you are not in the Americas the times will very likely be hard for you to attend. Events are a major part of TRE as well, and we do many different kinds of them aimed at skilling, combat and mixed events so everyone has something they enjoy, some of the events we do are; - King Black Dragon - Skill Competitions - Clan Wars - Pking - Games Room - Castle Wars - Stealing Creation - Soul Wars - Fight Pits - Dungeoneering And many, many more! We here at Rauha also understand that everyone has lives they need to take care of, and are very flexible in our events and requirements for attendance as long as the member is putting forth an honest effort to be a part of the clan. We hope that you have learned a bit about TRE, and are willing to look into it more and hopefully even join us, and if you decide that we are not the clan for you then we hope that you find what you need in a clan and wish you the best of luck in RS! Note: Currently TRE has several high ranking positions available for those who qualify or are interested and willing to work for it. Clan Chat: RazorAce09 Thread QFC: 93-94-597-62239138
  3. Hey, i was wondering where the best place to train my 40 def and 50 att pure. I am a member, and i want to train str, but i want to be able to make some decent money off of it as well. Any ideas?
  4. Alright, i started the quest and im at the part where i have to split the logs. I definitely can't find where to split them.
  5. I am wanting to complete The Fremenic Isles, but my agility is only 38. Is it possible to do it with an agility pot? If not, whats the best way to get two agility levels?
  6. 20 Construction is really cheap. Buy about 200 normal logs at GE, then make them into planks, then just make chairs till 9, then larders. It should cost like 20k.
  7. Does anyone have a link to an old post that had all the minimum level requirements in order to complete every quest. If not, does anyone kno what they are?
  8. Thanks, that list says it all. :thumbsup:
  9. Haha no, u helped. Keep em comin =]
  10. I am going for a quest cape, i only have like 96 QP right now, but im cmbt lvl 99. It shouldnt be that hard should it? I was wondering what the top 5 hardest quests i would have to do were. This is all oppinion so yea. Thanks in advance.
  11. What would be the fastest way for me to get money and fishing lvl a the same time. Right now im fishing lobs, but when i get to 62 i can fish monks, should i? Or should i still stick w/ lobs? Current fishing lvl: 61
  12. What would be the fastest way for me to get money and fishing lvl a the same time. Right now im fishing lobs, but when i get to 62 i can fish monks, should i? Or should i still stick w/ lobs? Current fishing lvl: 61
  13. Anybody know a place that focuses strictly on photoshop sigs. Like a forums for something.
  14. Glad to help ya. Keep da posts comin. ^_^
  15. Really nice, heres what i got. -Armor Girl
  16. Do we get xp for summoning the monster? If so you could make ur load them summon all of them then bank repeat.
  17. Ok heres what i know. 1 Pouch = 1 Summon 1 Scroll = 1 Attack for your summon
  18. What are the scrolls for in summoning? Do you need 1 scroll per summon? What are the pouches for, do you only get 1 summon per puch or what?
  19. All i know is the chicken is used to make Deadfowls and raw meat to fead dog.
  20. Difficulty: Easy Start: Speak to Pikkupstix in Taverly Requirements: Items: 2 Wolf Bones Skills: None Quests: None NPC: Pikkupstix Walkthrough: [hide=Hide/Unhide]1. Start the quest by speaking to Pikkupstix located in Taverly. He will tell you about a Rabbit monster wrecking his house upstairs. 2. Climb upstairs to find the monster, when the cutscene is over talk to Pikkupstix again. He will tell you that you need 2 Wolf Bones. 3. Head to White Wolf Mountain and head up, on the way you will see a dead body. Search it for your bones. 4. Go back to Pikkupstix and give him the bones, he will give you some items and a key, use the key on the trapdoor in the house and head downstairs. 5. First infuse the items on the Obelisk, then transform you pouch into a Howl Scroll. Go back upstairs and talk to Pikkupstix again, he will tell you to go get rid of the rabbit. 6. Go upstairs and summon your Spirit Wolf, attack the rabbit and go back downstairs, talk to Pikkupstix and finish your quest.[/hide] Rewards: 1 Quest Point Ability to use Summoning 9 Howl Scrolls 275 Gold Charms 276 Summoning Exp Tips: Get your wolf bones before the quest to save time.
  21. RazorAce


    Mmmk, so do we need any other raws?
  22. RazorAce


    Why is everybody buying raw meat/chicken? What should i buy at canfis? Raw Meat Raw Rat Meat Raw Bear Meat Raw Chicken
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