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  1. [hide]During the end fights your stats are boosted (my attack/strength/defense were around 150 and they're all 99)[/hide]
  2. Ok, so the new barrows brother uses all three protection prayers and will constantly switch (i got 2-3 hits in per prayer switch)
  3. the new barrows brother is found in an extension of verac's crypt. he attacks with melee and can used protect from melee against me. dont know what the set is though.
  4. you can mine bane ore and kill Glacors in the cave where the stone of jas was. You also do increased damage while in the cave the faiiry ring code for the cave is DKQ (found on the note from robert)
  5. I'm confused. I don't understand what majority of the rewards mean >_>
  6. but if you make your catspeak amulet into a cramulet, it removes the enchantment. thats what happened to me >_>
  7. [hide] Khazard lowers ur prayer lvl[/hide] just realised that now..was odd because i was died in my house and it didnt restore it =/
  8. what the hell, my prayer is bugged. stuck at 0, cant replenish using altar, using a prayer potion restores 10 points...
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