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  1. btw do you think it would be hard to get a bear, boar or raptor as a pet?
  2. Im thinking of starting WoW and i love hunting on my friends acc. One question. Can you have a mount and pet at the same time with you? :?: #-o
  3. srry i was so immature it was just waiting for me to use that joke.... umm so gl i guess umm im gonna leave your forum before i get eaten so... your goal well... im becoming your secret evil apprentice
  4. :shock: :shock: :shock: wherewd o you get all these balls gosh....eww. /\/\4$73r $/\/\17h3r i think your AWESOME!!!!!! :ohnoes: :-X :ohnoes:
  5. your future friends are going to speak (kitty) so you better be better without em! ps. once you become member dont be a kah-bah-gee and dont spend any gp till you get that 100k bodies and mud staff... pss> First post ftw Here i come tip.it!!!!!
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