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  1. But I had to fix the grammar mistakes :s Lets just done talking abut the bump thing, or a moderator will appear and you little fire will end burn you (or us) - Cafebcs
  2. I'm creator of the thread, am I not allowed to reply?
  3. I updated the story, fixing grammar (but without altering it) - Cafebcs
  4. Image removed- For your own safety's sake don't post private details like that which could compromise your account -BlueLancer The bad stuff is that always I had Wallie payment system available >.< Next time I will really look the options before flame jagex billing system :)
  5. This is the new icon after the release of the 4th development diary. My sig already have the summoning icon that i found some weeks ago. Jagex updated today the world map. There are more water around Feldip Hills. The third quest of the month will be around there. "Your Hunter, alongside your Woodcutting and Firemaking, will be called upon in our third and final January quest. In it, you will be asking yourself several questions. How do I clear a mud bath of flies? Why am I sleeping on a pork chop? Is an ogre massage a good idea? And what are platypodes? Take time out from your adventuring to help an entrepreneur set up a spa resort deep in ogre country. There might even be a mudpack in it for you." Unbalanced Trade Removal Killed Air World (16). I think balanced trades and assist system needs an adjustment for f2p. The 3k limit to EVERYONE on f2p kills all forms of trading and the 30k limit to ALL PLAYERS on assist system just kills any form of helping new players on his incomes. Jagex should apply adjust to f2p before all non members stops playing f2p.
  6. We changed our rs family chat because ppl used to enter and say bad stuff. This video was made of a rs family event for try to find some updates. The childrens, some crates with symbols on the top, pirates talking about something that seems a quest (on port sarim) is some of the stuff we found searching. It's only the first part of the video.
  7. Look at the summoning icon I put on the stats. I think it could be the icon.
  8. All have a fun 2008, I hope be members on that year >.< http://www.youtube.com/bulletin_read?id ... er=Cafebcs
  9. Cafebcs Episode 19 - Balbados vs Victor Choo http://www.youtube.com/bulletin_read?id=BG...mp;user=Cafebcs Hope you like it, and I wait good comments...
  10. I fixed some spelling, please read again.
  11. Dragon Pickaxe Cult By Cafebcs In the design of God Wars Dungeon, a monster named King Mith Dragon used to drop a Dragon Pickaxe. Because it was so powerfull Jagex deleted it from the game but forgot to delete the Dragon Pickaxe from rare drop list. The King Mith Dragon was tested by lots of Q&A before implement it on the real servers and finally someone got the drop but died. The Dragon Pickaxe was about to dissapear but Jagex was on hurry for release God Wars Dungeon. On that hurry the Dragon Pickaxe was saved on the surface as temporal drop in the floor. This lucky bug saved the Dragon Pickaxe on the game. The Dragon Pickaxe was noticied first by the Drunken Dwarf. He thought it was a player wearing Full Dragon. He said "Hello Matey" and he waited there without response. He thought then it was a dead player. He cried a bit and then he said "Sorry Matey" and the Drunken Dwarf bygone. The Drunken Dwarf went at his friends in Keldagrim. He entered to the Tavern talking about the stuff that happened on the morning. His friends, more drunk than him, didn't listen about he was saying, but instead that they wanted a piece of his Kebab. Nurmof was on middle of them. Nurmof, with the Drunken Dwarf, went to Dorges-Kann on the night to buy Kebabs but they got ill after they knew with what the Kebabs were made there. Jagex made his daily backup on the morning and the Dragon Pickaxe didn't get deleted. Nurmof, still ill, was reset to Dwarven Mines. Nurmof said with a sigh "Omg Jagex 7am!, none buys pickaxes on the morning!". Nurmof was really tired and with a headache. Next to Nurmof, the Drunken Dwarf appeared and he said "Here a beer". Nurmof took the beer and he drunk it very fast ending it with relief. Nurmof tried to remember about the past day and he said: "What was you telling us yesterday?". Nurmof, after know the details, said "I want to go to see". Nurmof was about to go on that moment but a large line of players came to repair the pickaxe and telling, like if he was a psychoterapist, all that happened with the pickaxe, that they weren't listening and they were sorry. A low level was there looking to him and he said "What?" and the low level logged off. Was about midnight and finally none there. "I will ask to Jagex for more salary", replied Nurmof. The Drunken Dwarf was sleeping but Nurmof awakened him saying that they will get a beer after visit the place. They reached the place at the dawn but Nurmof was very exited watching the Dragon Pickaxe next to him. He wanted to handle the pickaxe but the daily backup came and, like an awaken from a dream, Nurmof was reset to the Dwarven Mines. "Was a dream?" said for himself Nurmof. Then he added: "When I get a break I will go to that place again". And there was the low level again seeing deeply to him. Second Part?
  12. Cafebcs

    A Hell Cart

    >>> UPDATE TO TOPIC <<< Updated first post. Ty for the awesome text =)
  13. Cafebcs Episode 18 - Ryokobalta Smithing 99 http://www.youtube.com/bulletin_read?id=At...mp;user=Cafebcs
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