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  1. My prayer is 60, and thanks, i'll swap it with dragon gloves!
  2. Hi :), i'm fuzzy, and, yes I'm going to try my luck at fight caves, well, I'm lvl 98 CMB, 70 Ranged, 76 Defence, 80 Attack, 80 Strength, and 80 Hp. I have gained confidence, from seeing lvl 50s, and 40s on youtube complete the fight caves with only 70 ranged, and alot of my friends said I could do it too :D. So this is my inventory 3 Spaces for guthans, 18 Super restores, 5 Sara brews, 1 shark, 1 Range pot What I'm wielding: Guthans Helm, Karils top, Karils bottom X- Bow With 7K racks (To be sure :D, haha) Fury with berserker ring Snakeskin boots Fletching cape (t) Black d hide vambs Thanks, and some tips would be helpfull, like how many restores would I have used between the waves untill jad. thanks
  3. Yes.. Me and a friend went strolling in lvl 50 Wild to see what the new wildy was like, we got jumped by 4 of the lvl 105s in a clan, and tb'ed, they killed my pall, i had to run into the dungeon south west of MB.
  4. Some highlights of my time in Runescape these arn't in order 99 Cooking: Wierdest place to lvl? LOL. 99 Fletching: Lowest 99 Slayer I've seen! Can you say.. HOLY SHIOT! Ranked 3 In attack: Me dieing from a clan at GDZ. There he is again, at season's 99 RC party. Great party it is (5M+ Drop party) Ranked 3 in slayer: Me TO DATE: Total: 1447
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