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  1. Hello and welcome to my blog! :thumbsup: \ Its my first Blog so its will prolly be bad :XD: [hide=A little about me]Hello, My Name is Justice and im from Norfolk, VA. Im 17 years old and have three great loves, My Girlfriend, Sports and of course Runescape :thumbsup: I play football, baseball, basketball and i wrestle Heres a pic of me! :XD: [/hide] [hide=Us3r N4m3 5]My account name is Us3r n4m3 5 [hide=Stat pictures][hide=Starting Stats]Here are my nooby stats as of now [/hide][/hide][hide=goals][hide=short term] 50 attack 70 strength 60 defense 70 range 44 prayer 59 mage All other f2p skills over 30[/hide][hide=long term]80 attack 95 strength 60 defense 95 range 60 prayer 70 mag All other f2p skills over 50[/hide][/hide][/hide] [hide=bank pics][/hide] [hide=Level Up Pics]None yet :wall: [/hide] [hide=Donations]NOT ACCEPTED :D [/hide] [hide=Thanks]To everyone that posts and wishes me luck :thumbsup: [/hide] [hide=Suggestions]Again, This is my first Blog, So if you want to make any suggestions on how i could improve it let me know :mrgreen: [/hide]
  2. I found some older pics :P Before i shaved my head :XD: Christmas 05 I think :-k
  3. I'd hit both of you =P~ :shock: lmao :-k Hmmm :shock: LOL
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