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  1. SHould I get bandos or dragon? I think bandos is better but i think dragon looks bettasa whut one getsz more respect? helps! :-X
  2. err, maybe 92 since its halfway? and u dont know who i am so u cant say im not ready if i am, nobody knws me better then i know my self
  3. I decided to go wit 99 hunter since it levels fast and simcd i am lvl 65 nowz. What should i hunt red salamdners or red chickmocks?
  4. The "abbysint whup" is neat. :lol: ur maturity lvl to laugh at my misspelling is "neat"/patheitc.
  5. I think they are really neat and awesome, and they r like 17m I have around 12m I was wondering If I should save and get 1, r they worth it? wut all can they do, r they better then da abbysint whup?
  6. unbance trade is what it says unbalnce u cant do more then 3k
  7. use a skill calulators thingy at runehq.com da site helps.
  8. Thanks to all da ppl with advice, for da ones hating on me well, you'll regret it when I get some 99s.
  9. I think I have found the ultimate 99 for me. My friend recomineded 99 fecch cause he said it is fast and easy andz thats what I want is a fast easy 99. SO SHould I? I gave up on WC!!!!
  10. what 99 will it be tomorrow :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: fishing durrr, it will be longer then a day for me to get 99, rofl.
  11. and as Battleboy knows woodcutting is the hardest 99 to get so fishing must be easier See! someone is finally smart enough and agrees with me and understands!
  12. ok I dont spell good, get over it ok? noobs!!!!!!!
  13. the few million? there like 7 million?
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