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  1. I need 60 mining for lunar diplomacy and was wondering what the best way from 49 to 60 is. I don't care about money, only speed, i would like to not powermine iron or something but if that would be the best way i suppose i could, any tips?
  2. yea, i figured yews were faster money but any suggestions for places? i know some but theyre really crowded almost all the time so...is that just something im gonna have to deal with?
  3. which would be a better profit? i would have 99 wc and a d axe. only concerned with money, so least populated and closest to bank or easy to tele would be great, i have to make about 20m maybe a bit less and wc is going to be my main source of income. suggest places please thanks
  4. well, there are some situations where you cant reapir someones grave, like yours. if they were using prayer i doubt they would want to waste it but i'm pretty sure its becoming common courtesy to bless someones grave if your not using prayer or something
  5. congratz and good luck, but, where is that and what are you fighting?
  6. cause its a 3rd party application and there are rules against that?
  7. is it "legal" to use? I've seen a lot of people use it and some people recommend it. So, is it safe/legal? and by legal I mean jagex wont ban me or something for using it thanks
  8. what about that new quest with the tiara so you dont get desert effect? I'm not sure about it though
  9. alright, thanks guys, found out what levels I need. mod can lock now
  10. Hey, I'm 86 combat at the moment and was just wondering what skills I would need to have 100 combat. My strength is only 68 and I was thinking of getting it to 75 or something. So, point is how much would I have to level attack and defence at 80 mage, 70 range, 52 pray, 75 strength, 72 attack, 71 defence, and 70 hitpoints. If theres a way to find out please tell me or, if you know off hand for some strange reason please post. Thanks!
  11. if your a member go to barbarian outpost via a games necklace, theres like 8 willows outside and a bank deposit inside
  12. Don't flame other users regardless of their spelling/grammar. ~Mam ok, and I'll give my advice-I would suggest not buying a sara sword with your stats, personally I would spend it on something that would be beneficial to your character overall and not spend it on one item. Also if you want to train strength just get a d scimmy and a whip for attack and defense, as for the rest of your money put it into armor or food or skills
  13. skilling doesnt take "years and years" getting to 99 skill would take a couple months,I'm guessing your nowhere near a 99
  14. thats a bunch of bull i have done 309 trips with 9 kc and not have gotten 1 rack um, you need a certain amount of kc to get racks after a certain number its all random
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