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  1. I gave up after three pages of lurking and postin. I AM A NINJA [bleep]S
  2. done got party v& by teh administration
  3. Lol, titles. Damn, messed up the size on that one. My bad >.<
  4. Buuuuuut.... The time passed between 09 and 10 is one year, and the time passed between 11 and 10 is one year. Thus, two years.
  5. Serious? no.... that was two. Math.
  6. At this rate, a whole hell of a lot.
  7. Damnit. @pie, what if they hate the bands... because they have no taste in music?
  8. It is a pretty obscure number.
  9. How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
  10. Oh I've heard of them, and listened to them. I still choose to judge them based solely on their name, cause its better than their music.
  11. Hah, neutral milk hotel. I'm judging them solely based on their name. And the judgement isn't good.
  12. What's a sanity? And wits doesn't seem too much different from any of you, to my non-FG-accustomed eye. Hah, Maine. That is what I am glad we do not have in teh South (VA, so actually not southern. Really. I swear.).
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