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  1. When Snake landed in Uk I actually spoke with him on the phone as Eleannah picked him up from the airport. He had pretty high spirits considering he brang his computer with him for jagex to look at lol.
  2. Hi I can help here. Before Wildy came back. Green drags in wildy dungeon/caves just above GE was rammed full of anyone from 70-138, now after the update... it's very quiet, seems people are a little scared of venturing out the few Wildy levels to get there. So basically there are less bones going into the market at the moment. I have been constantly doing green dragons for bones and I tell you, I was alone ALL day yesterday, whereas before, it was packed.
  3. Hi guys, its been a very long time since I was on here last, I used to play back in classic, and have been on and off of 3-d for a few years after. then I got my account stolen and today after multiple attempts over 2 years to get it back.. it finally worked. So now im in this new world of which I dont recognise at all.. with a few bits and bobs, im actually lost somewhere in a field lol anyway. just wanted to say if anyone remembers me feel free to add me. I'm not sure what you can type in, because I've changed my 'on screen name' to 'JD MoFo' and also, got any tips on keeping my account safe for the future cos at the moment I have set all of my questions and bank pin up, but they dont kick in for a couple of weeks. Also.. the guy who has been using my account set up a subscription, which I cancelled immediatly. But can this guy use that info to steal the account back? Also, I used to hang and talk with with people like Eleannah, Angel Gypsy, Millard, Shedragon831 and Halw Gnun, a few others too, but my friends list is deleted. Does anyone know if these guys still play? It shall be great to play again, and more or less start from scratch even though im level 124 lol but yeah.. if you wanna add me feel free, wouldnt mind leveling up my thieving so if theres a bunch of you guys and go out and do that let me know. Wouldnt mind joining a clan too maybe, but once ive got used to this game again! Thanks for reading, and get in touch! ~Jon Slayer
  4. what a shame.. I hope one day years down the line.. they will celebrate 3D's 'roots' and have an event where they re-open classic to show everyone how it was back in the day... ps: down with 3D.
  5. Nice to see you again Agassi I see people still have issues.. btw who are you?
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