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  1. Having to move to a trade world to buy and sell took some getting used to, especially after having so many years of the convenient GE, so I like, low key wanted one, but being spoon fed is the current RS. In 2007 RS you have to feed yourself in a sense, and I like it better that way.
  2. Yeah this update is whats up! I was saving up to leech up to 99 or so, but not anymore. Working full-time and only having an hour or 2 a day that may or may not come, I need to play at my own pace. There are so many reasons why I need a decent source of experience that I can control. The fail of random partnering and soloing goes without saying. Living in Hong Kong, I'm usually not on when a lot of the clanmates and more often that not, I don't need the same floors as they do. Making friends to DG with is just a less effective form of a DG clan. Elitist DG groups probably prefer players who can be on a lot. I could go on all day. Reprecussions of this update aside, a decent source of experience for those who cannot or choose not to invest time in socialing up a good DG circle was necessary. Much more the former 8-) .
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