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  1. #6. Working on farming progressively, and also want to finish thieving. If only I could get RC, Mining, Agility, Herb, and DG to 80 but sadly I hate them all lol
  2. Well, it's been a lot of fun - but with maxed total - I retire. Thanks everyone!
  3. Yo do that! That's crazy! Let me get the dude's name so I can double my money. I spent it all on stupid [explitive] like seeds and construction. I'm an idiot. Let me double up. Thanks!
  4. Halfway there! But my money is getting low, time to re-up, flip it, stretch it, sell it. O, and the new gnomes look lame.
  5. 9 more levels | 7,688,061 exp | 92,628 string jewelery casts
  6. Feelin' so good I think I might run for mayor. :thumbup: To go: Mining, Summoning, Agility, Herblore, Runecrafting, Dungeoneering
  7. Bob the Builder [hide=78 Construction][/hide] [hide=79 Construction][/hide] Another 80 down! This ought to make Herblore Habitat much cheaper..
  8. Bob the Builder. I have 80 banked along with 90 smithing banked. :thumbup: [hide=74 Construction][/hide] [hide=75 Construction][/hide] [hide=76 Construction][/hide]
  9. 843(+1 [placeholder])= 844 Lantadyme herbs / 100 Lantadyme seeds = 8.44 HBS 1,595,600 (100 seeds) - 4,679,493 (844 herbs) = 3,083,893 profit 3,0083,893 (profit) / 100 seeds = 30,838.93 profit per seed. Should I go for Torstol and/or other? Really only doing because of exp...
  10. Just some levels and what I've been doing lately (I should really get back to farming #-o ) [hide=86 Magic][/hide] [hide=78 Crafting][/hide] [hide=87 Magic][/hide] [hide=88 Magic][/hide] I have 80 crafting banked, all in gold bars -> amulets. Then will do more gold bars for whatever smithing and crafting levels until I have enough ammys to do string jewelry to 99 magic. All the while farming somewhere in there. I watch the Office while I do these skills, k? :thumbup:
  11. -725k. Woo! Go herblore! 7 more levels :thumbdown: EDIT: A MILLION THANKS TO QUYNEAX FOR THE AWESOME HERBLORE ADVICE!
  12. Why are you playing in super low detail? Why are there two random green boxes? Why did you save as a JPEG? Congrats on 80 Smithing. Super low detail = faster. The green details = screenmarkers, precisely for easier banking and withdrawing etc. JPeg = default for Swiftkit! Thanks for congrats. P.S.= I'M DRUNK!
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