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  1. I posted a starting pic, those are all the names that are in DA... We dropped the 1 retired we had like I said on the topic. Thanks for the fight.
  2. Darkness Awaits memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 The Blacknights memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=bk_swat Earlier this week, I asked an official from BK for a pkri, they declined but agreed to a full opts pvp war with Melee/Binds/Range. Starting for DA: 30 people90 opts We had 1 retired member which would of made 31 but we brought him by mistake as retired were not allowed, so we dropped him (kope619) Starting for BK: 21 people/63 opts + they late comers due to 3 revs hitting them up. So the war started off as we got ko's left and right taking out BK's range unit very quickly. Our snipe unit controlled BK's binders and let our tankers drag for most of it. The numbers gave us the advantage and gave us the win. Ending for DA: 22 people/66 opts Ending for BK: 0 people/0 opts Thanks for the fight BK, was nice to fight someone we've never faught before, hope to fight some more in the future. Random pictures:
  3. Darkness Awaits Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 Autark Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=autark A week ago, I asked Autark for a week prep with the following rules agreed with: Melee/binds/range only rings allowed gdz-spiders no corrupt allowed A minimum of 3 rune items Lower opts attack So earlier this week, I set up a war with an Clay from Autark, and we set it for 4pm est. So I went on to post it on the forums, but unfortunately I posted 4:30pm est for WAR, by mistake, as I was asking for 4:30pm est originally, but I agreed on 4pm est, so I kinda messed DA's mass time up as we had a great sign up =S, sorry guys. So we really had 3 minutes to mass up to bh bank and go up to moss giants. I personally didn't have time to assign set snipers/rangers/binders, so we rushed up to moss giants and hopped and met Autark. Starting for DA: 60 opts/20 people + 1 logging in Starting for Autark: 60 opts/20 people So the war started off as Autark got first attack, and both piles were down at the same time. After piling Autark's first fall in leader, Autark seemed to have lost some sort of organization. At the same time, they had none to one sniper or so. Their binders started to weaken, as our snipe unit also got out of hand mid way through. Near the 1 hour mark, we got most of our opts back and gained more people as our piles got stronger and dropped quicker. On DA's side, we had about 3 snipers on us that were not in Autark, so we thought they were randomers but we kept on going. We were told by our DA snipers that Autark decided to go to moss giants because of randomers aswell. A clan of 90s piled us but bailed after killing one member. Before the war, I was pm'd by Chris_For_Ska about crashers/randomers: http://i26.tinypic.com/vjj1j.jpg Autark were at mossies as Clay and Monkytrix got together on a different vent to talk it out because they accused DA of calling people to snipe. We offered to hop worlds or get an AC but Autark did not want it. So as Autark were at singles at moss giants, we decided to claim the win in a 2 hour cap that lasted 1 hour long due to the fact that they didn't any proof of us calling snipers, so they walked out. Ending opts for DA: 90 opts/30 people Ending opts for Autark: 36 opts/12 people ^ The best pic we could get It was unexpected of Autark to walk out on us, as we both agreed that we would of cleared crashers if we both contacted each other again, but I wasn't told about anything untill AFTER Autark went to moss giants and decided to walk out as were waited at members gate still. Thanks for giving us a fight atleast, I hope we can move on in the future and have more fights as and get over whatever differences we have had. Random Pictures:
  4. DA memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 Sed memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=seduction 1 week ago, A seduction official and I set up a 1 hour cap in pvp. We both agreed on greaters to spiders boundaries with Melee/binds/range styles only. DA Starting: 25 people/75 opts + Wallygayter logging in Sed Starting: 18 people/54 opts I don't know about Seduction, but Darkness Awaits was very pumped for this war and very confident to step in to the war boundaries are start the run in. We were pumped throughout the whole 1 hour as I personally think we dominated the whole war. At one point, Seduction had about 6-7 people left as their returners were very slow, as they didn't kill many of us. They did a few regroups so they attampted to maintain their opts. Ending opts for DA: 26 people/78 opts Ending opts for Sed: 14 people/42 opts Thanks for the fight Seduction, I personally didn't get any deaths, kills or assists. Thanks for the AC at most parts of the war Triforce, and Illusion near the end. Random Pictures:
  5. And I have yet to see a pic of him actually trading food, we can't control what one person says/asks if we don't see it, ofcourse we found this out after that war though. Shadowsmage also declined to give him food, so it really didn't make a difference for that war. And still have not seen an HA show us a pic of us trading food or any pic at all.
  6. Darkness Awaits had a short prep pk trip and we decided to invite a few freinds to our pk trip. We didn't find anyone other than PH out at the time, after making them rush into bh, Seduction ran into us and we decided to regroup everyone together at bh before hitting them. Seduction went up to Greaters-spiders boundaries so after getting some opts back in our regroup at bh, we headed back up and looked for Seduction. I believe Seduction had freinds aswell. After dropping a couple hybrids from Seduction, it seemed like they were losing opts pretty quick as they had slow returners or no returners at all. On our side, We lost a few opts as our small GMT unit went offline. A few people sniped us that were not involved in the war. Eventually, we heard Seduction was logging out at new gate, so we killed the remaining left and took ending, VR, LK and TNC rushed us as we were taking ending, here is the best i could get: + Returners Thanks for giving us a fight Seduction. Good luck in our upcoming pkri :) Random pictures:
  7. Earlier today, a Godz official and I got together to set up a 2 hour prep cwa run in with both clans saying they would pull not so good. DA memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 Godz memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=spencstar Starting for DA and godz: The war started off as DA and godz rushed in at each other and DA got about 4 kills before godz got their 1 kill. We had the lead early on as we had a number advantage for the time being. Mid way through, Godz gained a few more people and decided to mass snipe at some points to reduce the swift piles we had. Unforunately godz didn't have enough time to catch up as time ran out and DA took the win. At one point our lowest numbers were at 14 vs godz peak of 18. I think it was pretty even once we were halfway through the run in. Ending for DA and godz: Thanks for the fight Godz Random Pictures:
  8. I'm sure he would of said hi if you were more noticeable to view
  9. DA Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 HA Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=hellarmy Earlier this week, an official from Hell Army offered a war for a 1hour cap in CWA Turrets, I gladly accepted hoping to find a fun war for this week, and also fighting a clan we had never faught yet. Unfortunately, the next day I found out that 5~ members of DA was banned off runescape due to a pvp glitch, so I decided to ask for the stipulations to be changed due to our lack of pull because of the absences of our members and a few banned. They gladly accepted a pvp matched. DA Starting: 39 opts/13 people HA Starting: 72 opts dropped to 39 opts/13 people (thanks and sorry for the pull) Their watchers became an AC. So the war started off as HA rushing us only to realise that they lost a person from DA piling xxxdelxxx first while he was rushing in robes. We than picked our piles as fast as we could to take the advantage of the lead, we kept a 1-2 man lead through out the war. HA had about 3 people left compared to our 6. Suddenly, for some odd reason, out of no where, the watchers decided to pile The doma2 and spammed "Cheaters". HA watchers than piled me next while I had half food. HA watchers piling The doma2, who was still alive in the war. HA piling me after the Doma2 was down. I asked why and apparently we got accused for trading food or returning to the war, to war. I asked for proof, didn't get any pics from them, all I saw was us being flamed while waiting for proof. So while HA watchers STILL attacked the people warring, we decided to take anyone that survived in the war, to walk to moss giants for ending while HA watchers piled another one of our members who was still in the war, Artix0345, he dragged it out. Ending for DA: 15 opts/5 people. Random pictures: Here is Red man48 returning, to watch, show me some proof of him attacking, but in this pic it shows Kratos attacking red man. Thanks for the fight, a bit disappointed to see HA accusing us of cheating over a small mini war, and than flaming us after the war, hopefully this topic is clean aswell.
  10. DA Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 Autark Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=autark 2 days ago, Steph came into our IRC and asked for a pkri, but instead we agreed to a matched opts pvp war. Starting for DA: 51 opts/17 people (1 person dropped) Starting for Autark: 51 opts/17 people So the war started off as we piled someone who decided to go a bit out of bounds, but we dropped him quick and went on. Mid way through, our snipers did a great job on controlling Autark's binds, at some points, there were no snipers on us so we were very strong on our piles. Eventually Autark snipers came back and tried controlling most of our binders, but it was not enough as we took sniper piles, and a good KO on one of their binders. Ending for DA: 27 opts/9 people Thanks for the fight Autark, was really fun :), also thanks to Illusion for the AC. Random pictures: Good job DA, keep it going.
  11. So earlier this week, A DD official and I got together and decided to set up a joint trip, originally, we were hunting The Migrants. We did not see them, but we did run into Illusion. DA+DD Starting opts: Roughly over 75 opts Illusion Starting opts: Roughly over 57 opts (Confirm?) Illusion decided to pile me first as we both met out near the lava vents, I tanked for a good 5 kills as DA+DD had swift kills. Illusion decided to get a quick regroup. Eventually Notorious came from nowhere, and decided to pile Illusion, which caused Illusion to regroup once more. <%marioo> mario <%marioo> yes sexy <%marioo> Bring 3x <%marioo> let me ask <%marioo> were fighting DD+DA+PH So a FEW 3x members showed up and decided to snipe us, ER than came and piled them off us. While Illusion were regrouping for a 3rd time, ER decided to pile one of our members (dvd) spamming "nah idiot", so we decided to pile ER for the time being, eventually they got off us when Illusion came back. I believe the few 3x snipers decided to leave. PH also got involed as they had a small group of 30 opts blasting in our pile, so we decided to clear them. I think ER than decided to AC, thanks for that. After the fourth regroup from Illusion, this was the longest one we waited, I had asked GreatJackal several times to come back, after a good 15-30 mins, we decided to just walk out as we thought Illusion was done. While waiting for the 15-30 mins, they only had 1 returner on the field, Jords Bro, who we cleared several times. Ending opts for DA+DD: 108 opts + a couple randoms in our pile Ending opts for Illusion: 0 opts Random pictures: Thanks for the fight Illusion, it was nice to see you guys put up a fight vs 2 clans. Vid coming soon. Keep this topic flame free please.
  12. Strikee from Illusion pm'd me for a short prep pvp war. We agreed on a pvp matched opt war in a 1 hour prep. DA Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 Illusion Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=clanillusion DA Starting: 15 people/45 opts - Dropped 1 person Illusion Starting: 15 people/45 opts So the war started off very even as both sides had evened out piles, as soon as we sent out our snipers, Illusions pile got weaker and weaker due to our tankers dragging while our snipers did nice job on their binders. Eventually, we took the lead after piling sniper piles, and took a two man lead. Illusion piled switch alot and I think that wasted their time a bit. Near at the end, random pker's decided to kill one or two of Illusion members and some of our watchers. Personally, I don't think this effected the outcome of the rest of the war, because Illusion had only 3-4 people left while we had 7+ people still. Ending for DA: 8 people/24 opts Ending for Illusion: 0 people/0 opts Random pics: Crashers near the end: Regardless of the crashers, hope we can have a rematch without us being threatened, and keep it a flame-free/clean war. And hopefully we can find an AC next time. Thanks for the fight. Keep this topic clean. Vid coming soon.
  13. DA Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 CPA Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=cpalist A couple days ago, an official from CPA decided to pm me and asked for a CWA Matched opts. Was hoping for a pvp but since we've never warred CPA before, I accepted. DA Starting: 24 dropped to 14 + 2 disconnects CPA Starting: 15, had one disconnected, and decided to drop one to match to 13vs13, but we had a dc before we rushed, so it was 12vs13, cpa had a 1 man advantage. So the war started off fairly even as both tankers in the start tanked almost even, CPA got their pile down quicker and decided to pile one of our other good tanks. We took the advantage of ko'ing a sniper off an anti, and than another KO for next pile. We tied it up. Throughout the war, I believe we out performed them and we caught up and never looked back after taking the lead. Ending for DA: 8 Ending for CPA: 0 Thanks for the fight CPA.
  14. Darkness Awaits memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 Reckoning Day memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=reckoningday Earlier today, Justin and an official from RD set up a pvp matched war for tonight. So after waiting at moss giants for RD, as they came 15 minutes late, our world was taken by TK vs LG and so we hopped. We than found another world, as soon as we started, DK decided to crash, so after wasting 30~ minutes trying to find a world, we decided to take it to CWA. Starting from DA in pvp: 11 dropped from 14 Starting from RD in pvp: 11 ==================== So after waiting for RD to bank for 5 minutes, they finally decided to walk to CWA and we challenged right away. Starting from DA: 12 dropped from 14 Starting from RD: 12 So the war started off as both clans piled a mid level member and both tanked a bit even, RD's tanker lasted a couple seconds longer. We than took advantage and took their lowest level down and took the lead, we were winning by one even after a DC and we kept the lead and never looked back. Ending for DA: 5 Ending for RD: 0 Random Pictures:
  15. Darkness Awaits memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 The Sabres memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=thesabres I went into #thesabres asking for a short prep war and this was not in DA's timezone. Ganja gladly accepted. So after waiting a couple minutes late for TS, we said gl and went in. DA Starting: 14 (Dropped from 15 because one person disconnected before timer - Jennixxx dc'd) TS Starting: 17 dropped to 14 (Thanks) So the war started off as TS decided to pile me first, I tanked for 4 kills as DA had swift KO's after they downed their first pile. After TS got me down, they did a couple pile switches. We never looked back after we took the lead and only lost 4 in the end. Ending for DA: 10 Random pictures: Thanks for the fight TS, hopefully we can do PvP next time :)
  16. DA Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1 TDMWL memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tdmwar This pkri started at 4:30pm est. A week ago, I approached TDM for an uncapped pkri. Before this, I had asked other clans that had a similar memberlist as ours, but unfortunately all of them declined. TDM gladly accepted for an uncapped. Starting for DA: 20 People/60 opts + Monkytrix Starting for TDM: 16 people/48 opts So the war started off as we got a swift KO and had a strong start, TDM kept up with us as they were down by a couple people. Eventually, as the war got longer, both clans lost opts slowly and eventually turned into a smaller pkri in a smaller pace. I must say, it was pretty fun in the first couple hours, but than it got very boring after that :S. I personally had 9 kills, 1 assist, and 14 deaths. I heard DK and a couple randoms tried sniping both TDM and DA, thanks for the AC from everyone during the 12 hours <3 Wolf Rider pm'd me and said they were calling it off. Ending for DA: 12 People/36 opts Thanks for the fight TDM, was extremley long for such small clans. Good job to Monkytrix for returning even after dying 48+ times! L. Random Pictures:
  17. Good fight Mori, our lead slipt away as you had a KO on one of our members =( Thanks for the clean fight, hopefully more in the future. Also here is our starting, out leveled =( Good effort from both clans.
  18. Props to 3x today for giving us a nice fight, I really didnt expect the fight to go this long, thought it would last 2.5 hours or so. I personally lagged the first half, connection got better mid way, than lagged in the end :unsure: . Both clans had lack of binds at some points. Thanks for the fight 3x and good effort from both clans. 4 deaths 7 kills.
  19. I got disconnected right when we started, luckily I was alive when I reconnected and still had fun in the war :), thanks for the fight Eclipse.
  20. Da_Man__2003 asked Roaminggal2 for a 2 day prep for a cwa pkri with the following rules agreed: Melee + binds + range 1 hour cap, most kill wins rings allowed no corrupt turrets Starting: The war started off very slowly as both tankers from both clans tanked well. Throughout the war, TDM tankers dragged very nicely as our binders couldn't stick one on some of them aswell as running our energy out. Props to all of your draggers today TDM. After the 30 min mark, we started to motivate ourself to start spamming and binding more as TDM's numbers went up to 18~ and ours remained just above the starting we had. Eventually, TDM's numbers dropped back to what they had in the start and we never looked back as we kept the lead. Ending: Thanks for the fight TDM, and good luck with your future wars. Keep this topic clean, any Triforce will be striked if they are caught flaming in this topic. Random Pictures:
  21. Thanks for the fun and clean fight BK, I personally lagged the first half of the war. 0 kills, 0 deaths. I'm sure FoL must feel proud today.
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