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  1. OMG EYEBEAM! How are you? I still have the screenshot taken with your Phat from 08-09 somewhere then... LOL. Ah... those were the days. I'm good, never been better :)
  2. [spoiler=Language] Got comp cape about 2 mins before update lol. Thanks to gwy for his assistance and knowledge.
  3. Maxscape. Max cape sponsored by gwy :thumbup: Need to do livid farm and other stuff for comp. RIP. [hide] Stuff I watched while hunting: Akagi, Steins;Gate, Azumanga Daiou, Tiger & Bunny, xxxholic kei and katanagatari - Still got loads of backlog to clear haha. [/hide]
  4. 138 Combat o. Maxed melee. Somehow, I finished maxing melee as the last of all the combat skills. :mellow:
  5. Credits: DGS, 3BO. Special Mention: Toad (Come back soon pls :<), Gwynrwyn, Mazhar, Charliebrown, Icefyre x, Bastiaaan (3BO) and Cyndane.
  6. Loot just enough to buy a toolkit. If u can't loot a metal thing, sell a few fish. Then open the base doors. If there is a gd, mark it. If not, carry the ggs down the most likely path based on glancing at the map. If u see a lvl 3 book or lvl 2 shade, kill it for gp. Once you hit a gd that will take over 10 seconds, get back to ht and craft runes once you kill something for gp/ess. Also while you craft runes, someone should carry the ggs. On another note, I recently heard that all critical path rooms have 2 gatherable resources, but I haven't verified this. BTW, Toad sleeps too much, and he scams. I traded him blue dhides to teach me to dg, but he didnt teach me anything. HI CYN IMA A BIG FAN OF URS. THANKS FOR TEACHING ME COOL TIPS ON KEYING! Last door was mimes which we skipped. Inching closer ;) 26.7m left.
  7. Yeah.. I need to work on that + being faster to get out of HT (seeing how I'm normally last). Well well, stuff to improve on I guess. :geek:
  8. Who is on the banlist, other than Low_C and Jediace? You can see it. Go to the clan interface and click the red button on the bottom right hand corner. Shows all the people banned.
  9. I got around 75k~ xp @ 97 RC for the normal wave.
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