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  1. thanks for the info man. any other tips ??
  2. Hey I just wanted some tips on getting a beginner team. I can't seem to find anyone who wants to do floor 3 with me ? LOL Whats the best way to go about finding a team ? should I just solo them for now? !
  3. I see thanks. I would like to open them all myself but that may prove unrealistic! @brad1431 I will pm you ingame If I get any herblore ones.
  4. In which stats would I need to gain levels and what level would I need to get them too in order to open all effigies? I am roughly going for 99 slayer atm....:P
  5. thanks for your fast replys. got something to work with :)
  6. So I'v been slaying quite abit and I now have around 20 effigies. I don't have anywhere near enough of the right levels to do them myself? Is there a good place to go where people with high skills meet to do effigies ? How long does it take you guys to get say 10 done? Any other tips for someone whos never used them before are welcome.... Thanks in advance.
  7. can someone post a link to the grimys unf pots chart please.....
  8. you could consider superheating gold with gauntlets its around 80k smith and 75k magic xp per hour. You do loose abit but no more than any other method and you get mage xp too.
  9. I think thats quite a good place. other options are flesh crawlers or cockroach soldiers? I think they are both f2p.
  10. says flesh crawlers hit often and hard against weaker players...
  11. where are good places for combat xp at 1 def? currently 40atk / 50str / 1def / 1pray
  12. I just take super pots / bunyip / food and then bank all the infernal ashes and make a load from each task. No need for pray when doing this as you can easily kill enough before needing to bank.
  13. thank you that answers my question. was it world 116 or 117 which is best to get aid in opening them?
  14. I have been slaying and collecting quite a few effigies but I am not quite fully understood on how best to use the. Would the best way be to have 97 in a skill myself then I can use that skill for all four stages of the effigy and recieve the lamp and getting mega xp for that skill opening the lamp. Then use the lamp on a harder to train skill such as prayer or something? for example could I use my 99 hunter to get lamps out of the effigies and use them now?
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