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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. I'm not sure what I should upgrade next for my slayer armour. I'm currently using: FSH Fury (just got) Torso V Skirt D Boots SW cape Whip (getting 90 attack, then getting a rapier ASAP) B Gloves D Def Ferocious Ring/Warrior's Ring I will be trying for a fire cape next TzHaar task I get, and after 90 attack I'll be getting a rapier, and then a maul or a ccb. Any suggestions?
  3. Are you sure? Because I'm in that, and the owner is not DGS, it's someone totally different. And the name of the chat is 100m. I'm really lost. Sorry. Disregard this. I was in the wrong place.
  4. You can enter 3 chats at a time: a normal friend chat and 2 clan chat: one of your clan and the other of some random clan you choose. You can enter DGS by entering from the random clan chat or by asking one of the leaders to invite you into the clan. What is the random chat? Dg sweepers? I tried that, couldn't get in.
  5. Erm, I just logged in for the first time in a long while, and what is up with the new chat system? I can't get into the clan. Is there someone to pm to get in, or what?
  6. Glad you're interested. To be frank I had completely forgotten about this little thing. 1. You only need the sword when specified. However, you need the sword and robes at all times when in the Shadow Temple. 2. They are not affected by your levels. Not that it would matter, because completion of the dungeon would require you to face the same difficulty bosses regardless of your level. I'm open for change on this subject, however. 3. No. You're stuck with who you choose for the rest of the dungeon, although each time you start the dungeon from step 1, you can choose another. 1) Hmm, ok. Do they need to be equipped? Because I saw you mention different armours and all that jazz, so I was wondering. 2) True, true, I didn't really think about that. Oops! 3) I see, that makes it better (to me, at least). Being able to change Gods mid-temple would be ridiculous, and kinda overpowered. :/
  7. They're all good, thanks! I'll definitely cannon all tasks I can, and I'll pray piety. What should I make until I get 83 herblore? I don't mind using greenman's ale to boost, mind you. I still have that list you sent me, Quyneax, I'll be referring to it a lot. Do I need a talisman or anything to combine runes? And what do I use on the altar? (I'm assuming I use water runes here, going to the fire altar) I shall change my house and block list to reflect this advice also. I'll get a rapier soon then, and most likely string for Mage levels. I really don't like stewing, but I'll try it again (I almost always get neg boosts to my herb level :/)
  8. 'Snipers_end' should be here to ask the questions, not answer. If I were you I'd get a rapier for sure, as fast as you can, if you're looking to slay. Itll greatly improve your killrates for the majority of slayer tasks. Black demons are a great task both for xp (cannon them in taverly) and for crimson charms (50% drop rate). People tend to block slow tasks that cannot be cannoned and which offer little in the way of charms. Use Grimy's reference spreadsheets in the Guides section of the forum to work out which potions are best in terms of xp/gp Rapier before I do any slayer or whatnot? Mmk then. I actually just unblocked them, they were great! I took urns for (minimal) pray xp, which worked well. See, I looked at the herblore one, and did not understand it at all. There was something like 1000k/hour, 2000k/hour, 3000k/hour, and all that jazz, and I got thoroughly confused.
  9. I like. A few questions: Do you need to use the shadow sword/ghostly robes the whole time? I didn't pick up on that. Do the monsters scale according to your levels, or are they randomly picked? Can you switch Gods mid-temple, or do you have to restart the temple, or can you not switch at all?
  10. 1) I've got 71 construction, but I can boost to 75. Where should I put my chapel/portal rooms/quest hall/other junk, for the most efficient house? I don't have enough room in my bank for my stuff in my costume room, so I'd like to keep it where it is. My costume room is 2 to the east of my garden. 2) For slayer, should I be praying piety on all of my tasks? I've got 80 prayer, and 13m in cash, along with prossy and a soul wars cape. I normally use (for not praying melee) sw cape, glory, and v skirt as my prayer boosting armour. 3) I am needing to get 70 rc, and I heard that steam runes were the best xp at my level (59). Can someone link me to a guide for them? 4) Should I get a chaotic rapier now, before slayer, or wait and do what I'm currently doing (Do all the floors I can do, then a farm run, then a slayer task, lather, rinse, repeat.)? 5) Which slayer tasks should I be cannoning and which should I skip/block? I've got wyverns blocked, should I block the metal dragons? I bank all their bones, for a bit more cash. I also have a mind to cancel fire giants, because I hate them so much. 6) How should I be training herblore? I've got 81 at the moment, and I'd like to get 89, for extremes. Which potions and whatnot, I mean. I really do not like using stews to get a boost (I have horrible luck getting a herblore boost :/), so I'd like it if you took that into account. 7) For getting 96 mage, should I be stringing jewelery or what? I do have a full set of battle robes in my bank, along with an SoL, so I can burst rock lobs if need be. That's about it, thanks in advance!
  11. How many cannonballs should I take along? I'd like to stay there the whole trip, if possible. Do they drop alchables/other stuff I should keep?
  12. What's a good setup then? I know fsh and glory, but I'm lost beyond that. How many urns? This begs another question, how do I make the prayer urns?
  13. Ok, so Kuradal just gave me 208 black demons to kill. How should I kill them, and what gear? Should I use urns for extra pray xp, or should I leave the ashes on the ground (I'm assuming that I shouldn't bank because I have no yak)?
  14. Monky: string is about 17m for me. Sir Squab: Yeah, I did the math, it was cheaper than that. The supplies, that is.
  15. You could get one more level however, and string jewelry, or you could burst rock lobs (after the fix) and get charms for a higher summoning level. Those cost less than a hunter kit, and I'll be stringing my way to 96 myself.
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