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  1. IB is junior/senior year... What's funny is I actually AM in it now. Geez I look silly now, haha. Various schools have pre programs that go back several years before the actual thing starts, and being fairly confused at the time on how it all worked, I thought I was in IB! Oh how wrong. I know a couple schools around the US here that has the pre-IB program starting in 6th grade or earlier. I don't know what you could teach students for that long before the actual IB material. Anyway IB isn't very difficult (counting for Junior year) except for the "crunch" times when you have a metric unit of crapton to do, with the extended essay being the worst for me. I dislike it, same with TOK. Dunno how it's done in other schools, but our TOK class is pretty pointless. I'm not a fan.
  2. This is incredibly irresponsible and stupid. Anyway, I think it was a Russian experiment during the cold war in which they studied how we act after extreme sleep deprivation. Not sure what it was called. Apparently they locked the subjects inside a room and filled it with a gas that caused them to not feel tired. Their conversations were quite chipper and cheerful in the beginning, but as the days went by they became darker and more depressive. And after a while they just sat in each corner and didn't talk at all. Skip a few more days and they started killing one another and then ate the bodies or something... and when the scientists shut the gas off they begged them to turn it on again. There's a wikipedia article on the experiment somewhere. So yeah, get your damn sleep or you'll literally turn into zombies. That's definately the "Russian Sleep Experiment" creepy pasta. ^_^
  3. What about the attacks during the War of 1812, the Civil War, and various attacks by submarines/Japanese balloon attacks?
  4. DerekZoolandah


    I'm the opposite. I find the 1800+ time to be the most interesting. That's generally where you have the most detail. :)
  5. DerekZoolandah


    I've gone through many periods. It initially started with Rome (and somewhat Greece, but mostly the phalanx). I was a big military history studier. Lately, in the past year or so, I've given almost nonstop attention to the Industrial Revolution period. It really is quite fascinating how the IR still affects us to this day. It shook every piece of civilization into a completely new ideal. But really, right now I've just finished a book on the Russian Revolution (both the start and end of the USSR).
  6. 99% of the electronics wouldn't work in your house, just a friendly reminder. :) :P Unless you live in a Faraday cage. But I doubt many do. What would I do? Depends on how far away you are. Obviously if you're within blast radius, there's not much you can do. However otherwise, instantly get into something that may stop the radiation, such as a room deep in your house in the basement or something lead or such. Again .. not much you can do. How many people see planes sometimes go by overhead and wonder if that could hold a bomb? Am I the only one? >.>
  7. I'm sorry, would you like me to write them a letter? I kid. But seriously. I have no other clue of any other games like this.
  8. Yeah I mean its nothing worth writing home about. I think the only reason for making it is to have a fun experiment with transforming a cartoon into live action. Also I mean come on, it is a PG movie. What PG live-action movie has ever been good? I think the acting needed to be purposely dumbed down so that the pre-teen audience could still be entertained. And I didn't see it n 3D...I dont see anything in 3D. I think its completely ridiculous how much of a fad the whole 3D thing has become. 3D has been around for forever, in places like Disney world. Now all of a sudden people want to apply it to feature length movies...I really dont understand. Its just some silly gimmick or something. Yeah I had her watch the first episode when we got home and she enjoyed it. Maybe the movie is a marketing tool for encouraging people to watch the cartoon :mrgreen: Oh, and I thought that the last 30-40 minutes of the movie was far better than the first hour. Simply put they shouldn't have transfered it to live-action. Much of the wonderness and .. uniqueness of the show were lost. Actual actors make it something just awkward, while the show makes it feel more like a seperate universe (I know, of course, that it is). I haven't seen the movie, but the 3D looks horrid, along with the stilted dialogue that almost seems to be mocking the show. There is no reason for them to have "dumb downed" the movie for pre-teens, seeing as it was written for pre-teens. What gave it more depth than the usual pre-teen to 13/14yr demographic was it's depth. Yet despite the depth (the side stories really unfolded and developed the characters into something that you felt like you truly knew), they kept a perfect balance of battle scenes, romantic tension, drama, and humour. That is why, even though the show was never really the juggernaut that Spongebob was (and is, due to the continuous new episodes), you'll find a lot of positive reviews for the show. Shyamalan just butchered it. All the videos I've seen have made me sad with how bad it turned out. However, it is inspiring to see that at least one person (your girlfriend) was turned onto the show because of the movie. It is easily one of the best cartoons so far.
  9. WHAT I'm pretty sure I beat you with 51 points while you had like 48 :P WHATEVUH WHATEVUH. HATERS GONNA HATE. What's everyone's name?
  10. Yeah there's a big list of commands in the instructions somewhere, and you can just guess anyway since if they're not commands they won't show up. :) If someone can set up a private room and a time that'd be better. I'm awful at planning. I'm on however right now under the name Stalin.
  11. Oops .. I got completely distracted. X_X Sorry guys. /shame
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