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  1. I figured it out! I used someone else's computer and found out what I'd done!!
  2. I'd never tried Pest Control at all before the quests based on it started. I was surprised to find I liked it. I even like Conquest, but not really as much as P.C. or Stealing Creation. They should continue to use the quests to make sure everyone at least looks into the minigames (Except the Burthorpe Games Room, which has nothing to do with Runescape) but forcing us to play them is a little heavy-handed. The changing names....Well, i only have about 50 people on my friends list, and that was a high point, I'm now at about 40, and if I haven't heard from someone in two weeks or I haven't talked to them in two weeks, i delete them. If there's a name on my list I don't know, I delete it. Nine times out of ten, when I delete a name from my friends list, that person messages me within three days. I don't know why. When they do, I am not afraid to admit I forget names very easily, after all, it took me a year and a half to remember my brother-in-law's name and he lived 100 metres away at the time. Hey, I just noticed, I'm not a chicken feather anymore! Wootness!!
  3. I guess you could say I'm grinding right now. I don't see it as such, myself, but it could be called grinding...I am looking for a champion challenge scroll, and therefore killing hill giants for hours at a time. It's not terribly interesting, but at least I'm not still fishing!!! (For those who don't understand that reference, I worked my way to 99 fishing and then caught my own fish to get to 99 cooking. It took FOREVER!!!! Well, actually, about a year all together, what with some breaks now and then. I am very proud of my Cooking cape.) At least they drop a decent number of herbs and there are limpwurt roots all around the cave for potion making.
  4. Aha! I found my name! You didn't fool me totally!

  5. My first name change after the name change update was to Xinix_Xaxx. My second name change was to Xinix Xaxx; I didn't know I wouldn't need the underscore. I changed it to Xinix Xax because I'd wanted the name with one X to begin with, but then back to Xinix Xaxx (after popular demand) and there it's stayed. I wouldn't have changed my name at all, but people kept calling me "Bend Over" and that gets old in about half a second. There are people on my friends list, however, who have changed every chance they've had and I have no idea who they are. I just keep deleting them, but as soon as I delete someone, they start talking to me again within four days. Then I figure out who they are, and lather, rinse, repeat. To be honest, I'm not too far from deleting everyone with the name change icon at the end of the year and staying on "Private: Friends" only. I did sign up here with my user name, but unfortunately, I forgot the password, hence this account. By the way, what does/did "DDS" stand for, exactly, referring to the poisoned dagger, not "Doctor of Dental Surgery."
  6. First, sorry if I got the quote part wrong, I think I did it correctly. Second, I'll see if I can get my wife to look over your stuff. She's a professional transcriptionist and really knows her spelling and grammar. Why do you think I never ever use the often accepted abbreviations? I'd get in trouble!! I'll have to try to talk her into it, she knows nothing about Runescape, and so has little interest.
  7. If you use "I" you already are telling the reader for whom you are speaking. Anything else is irrelevant, it's just wrong. Explain, then, how both these sentences are true and how you would clarify them, if at all. They are both the same speaker and used in the same paragraph. " I, ________, wouldn't urinate on Paul Reiser if he was on fire." "I, ________, would work to keep Paul Reiser alive using all means available to me." You just don't like adverbs, is that it?
  8. I personally saw nothing in the article to criticize her writing skills. Hahahahahaha. Okay seriously this was too easy, if you say "I" at the beginning of a sentence, you don't need to put "personally" before the verb you are using. When using first person we already know that whatever you say, see, etc. is going be yours. I personally believe you have no English skills ;) Adding the word "personally" indicates for whom the writer is speaking. Simply saying "I" is inconclusive. The writer could have been saying "I, as a member of the Supreme Court of the United States of America" or "I, as a woman," or any of a thousand thousand other possible combinations. While people are tearing apart spelling and grammar and such, can anyone tell me why the spellcheck is flagging "combinations" above? As far as I know, I am using the word properly; I don't know what's wrong.
  9. Well, since there's nothing I can do about the update, other than stop playing the game (And I won't) I'm not going to complain. I will offer a speculation. My theory is that the people who made the money are being given a gift from Jagex. I'm a cynic, and I'm sure people will not agree with me and will sling darts at this post, but I don't care. I think Jagex wanted to give something nice to a few players, so they did. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be one of those folks who get accidentally included in a big gift like this.
  10. Could someone tell me why this update makes RS into wow? I have never played wow, and, other than saying "You hit big numbers" how did this turn Runescape into anything? I would really like an honest answer that can actually explain it, not just a couple off hand comments as if I know wow as well as I know the back of my hand. I haven't asked this before, not on a forum, but I have in game, and never got any decent answers.
  11. I think the best part of the update is watching people whining and screeching and boo-hooing over not being able to drop the last digit and tell if they need to eat. It's been funny, especially the "riot" I saw on world 66. Other than that, I haven't cared. I don't really enjoy combat so I don't do much of it. This update puts more stress on defense rather than strength, so in that respect, I guess I like it, since my def has always been my number one combat skill. All in all, it really doesn't matter to me. They could change it to we have 9.90 hp instead of 99 or 990, and I'd still not care. QUESTION......... Has there ever been an update that Jagex actually undid/removed/put back just because of player complaint? For some reason, I do not think that has or ever would happen.
  12. I'll look into their new "Buy Your Advantages" game as soon as they let me buy or give me a Snowglobe on Runescape.
  13. There really aren't a lot of character names that make me feel like role playing, either. It's hard to call someone "pker998509" in a conversation.
  14. JoeDaStudd, that's why my first question was "how hard would it be?" rather than "Why haven't you?" :thumbsup: I wanted to just plant the seed of an idea, rather than make a demand or anything. I know nothing about programming or website construction or upkeep (How do you spell main-ten-ence?). I think I said this before, I just thought it would be the next step in evolution.
  15. A new box under the bar that says "Aggressive" "Retreats" and so on would be good, and it could say MAX HIT...Melee 45 Range 0 Magic 7,958 Does that seem reasonable? I'd add a graphic, but I don't know how I'd make one. If this does happen, I'm going to brag all over the place it was my idea! Ha ha!
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