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  1. Here are the stats for the new Starfury sword in 4 different stats and levels. http://imageshack.us...swordforms.png/ Examine: "A sword made from starlight ore, with an embedded starborn diamond."
  2. In the Player Owned Port Stats Table guide, there's an error under "Lodging". You have requirements for 3000 Gunpowder and 6000 Stainless Steel for final 3 sets of Lodging. It should be 3000 Slate and 6000 Stainless Steel. EDIT: Fixed and credited, thanks - Baffler.
  3. Love this calculator, takes the guesswork and hassle of trying to figure which crewmates or captain I need for voyages. Just one little suggestion I would like to put to who ever made this. "Make an check-box for who you want to be in your crew as an option so if you wanted a merchant, trader or someone with a speed boost to be tried to be included to boost rewards or cut travel time"
  4. The barrow wallpaper looks awesome, sure wish the game's armor was that great looking.... But the main reason I'm here is to complain about the X-mas emote, "turning to snow and melting"? Come on!! That to me is a major sign of weakness! :shame: We should have instead turned to ice in defiance of the hot sun on runescape!! :ugeek: Can't understand why most players would want to be so weak that the pifitful sun could render them into slush. :wall: Please click on my eggs
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