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  1. :o Weird, all i had to do was read the scroll's then search... :oops: So weird... I would put that on the Shilo Village walkthrough. Anyway's... Bye.
  2. It's best to train Str first because you hit harder, so train your str to 99 then train attack and defence :)
  3. Hi, i am currently doing Shilo Village quest, when i get to part: 4: Tomb of Bervirius: Items needed: some food Trufitus will tell you about a tomb that lies south west of his hut. Go there. You'll have to climb up a rock cliff and cross a rope bridge to get to an island. You may need food to recover your hit points if you fail these agility obstacles.Go down the side and search the rocks.Once you've climbed in go to the back of the room and search the table. Here you will find the hilt to a sword (pommel) and a locating crystal (you may click this to help locate the Tomb of Rashiliyia; take care however as each use will drain some prayer). Search it again to find a blue scroll. Climb the rocks and return to Trufitus. Use the items you have found on him and he'll tell you to make a bronze necklace. When i search it, it say: "You find nothing of significance. And it does look quite scary.". Nothing happen's after... So i got up to here: Excatly what do i have to do? :?
  4. Try using Dragon Long Sword if you have completed Lost City Quest, then use the method to Defence, then your defence would go up quicker :D
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