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  1. New skill out, time to momentarily revive this thread? And with how slow the xp rates are we could actually have a solid race going for a good while unlike Invention
  2. Well you don't actually have to stay a member, but if you're gonna go f2p you better not forget to log in once in a while otherwise RIP to your rank.
  3. Reported Suomi for spamming gf account
  4. Nevermind, according to him it was actually some kind of glitch and he didn't actually get 5.2b xp yet. That would explain why there was no message that said he got 200m div along with 5.2b. Weird. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0QKXe6Jnhc
  5. So Suomi finally maxed (again). Only 3 more left before front page is full.
  6. Alkan - 2,413 Dragonseance - 2,132 Jdelacroix - 1,637 Geel - 1,293 Don't get why you couldn't check yourself, but whatever... I'm not really sure how this calculator works, but how come for each player it says they have 0 hours till 200m Agility when they're all still a while from reaching 200m? I also looked up myself and it says I have 0 hours till 200m Fletching when I'm at just 13m xp, and 1 hour till 200m Agility when I'm only level 83.
  7. Is your computer a potato? Also, Wtf... I have no idea why that came out in such awful quality. Terribly sorry about that. Grats Forsberg!
  8. Was hoping he'd get Mining, Fishing, and Agility all at once, but I guess not.
  9. Forsberg has 1.6b xp for the year, looks like he'll probably break the record.
  10. Now after divination highscores are not right so it will proably start when the highscores are right again It's top 15 exp not overall anyways... and it will never be "right" if Elias doesn't come back and get 99 lol.
  11. Dat progress!!! 8-) Also my Hunter progress up to now, thanks to chronicles. So finally I'm almost 99 Divination!!! As of this post I'm currently 450k away. I'll probably be getting it Wednesday, time still to be determined. I'll let you guys know soon though.
  12. That's probably true but when I go from rank 1086 to 1075 Cooking in a day without gaining xp like I just did then surely those 11 people didn't all quit at once. Must be banned.
  13. I'm assuming he was either banned or his account became f2p, most likely the latter.
  14. Well in theory yes but I don't think he'll be able to keep up this output of exp every single day... obviously there's going to be some days where he plays a few hours less or has something going on in real life. I do think there's a pretty high chance he will beat the record though.
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