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  1. i doubt your gunna go broke from farming, but with herby too maybe? are you working on herby at teh same time or after farm/fm? i see ur rcing is that till 80 or 99? lotsa questions ikr lawl but it seems u've changed ur goals yet agin lol gl tho Edit: i like the questcape shot at the top but its a bit blurry...i assume u'll update it but have u been able to get into ur photo thingy yet? ~Jen♥
  2. Nice! Can't wait to see that farming cape Sammi :lol: hope you get it soon, its very overdue lol Gratz on 84 farming btw See you laters at the monks :P
  3. :thumbsup: to you too! omg i love it, way better then the last one imo. gl on def, doing good and bandits are mega fast!! how do you like the new tip.it forums? idk if i do yet, too much white and they seem a lil awkwardly streched out on my screen <_< guess i need to get used to em? i wonder if theres a function to change the backgrounds and such so its not so bright white anymore? if u find out let meh know! oh and idk why but the quote thingy wouldn't work for me go fix it :angry:
  4. ty and i did listen i thought? didnt she quit or was it that she was gunna try wow like a week before vacation? i swear she left and omfg when did u get 96 fletch!! u still need to work on farming tbh its still reallllly noob come on 82? wtf is that it shouldve been like 90 at least by the time i got back what the [insert spam/ducks here] is that huh? ok rant over also thax again for that lovely push into the pool -.- and yea i will keep bringing that up!
  5. lolcats - 13. Bread for :o - 80. *9001 - 14. - 10.
  6. lol so if ur leaving and boe is gone already then #@!$ that I'm out too ...... lets go to wow with boe!! rofl
  7. ^^ thats some crazy power farming there girly lol! Ayden can go lick a umm toad cause you were just doing what was right and now he lost all the clan except those flamers and i told Ayden off as soon as i found out from zigz, you should have seen it omg! but yea im glad that farming and herb are going good when boe sees that cape shes gunna be like "0.0 <3 we is twins now!!" or something rofl lots of luck cause then its back to 200m xp in wc for u!!!
  8. eek! you havent been on in forever!! whats up with that and theres no new updates on any progress =\ grr i hope you come back sometime soon me and boe misses u!
  9. rofl you an Boe are just slowpokes at farming =P I love how u say that i'm running off when i was erm just banking to wait for you two :roll: also lol @ the agility shot
  10. -.- i love how you walked like 3 squares away said,"thanx for the ags jenih i'm gunna run away with it now!!!" and teled off to wherevr u went and didnt own the n00bych00bs at boe's but aparently u got 85 str so gratz! i told u power rcing would be great and that time frame i gave u for getting ur AGS back is an approximate so it could be less time then that an i bet u love me right about now : your soo welcome rofl too bad u didnt already have 91 so u could get it in half the time :? so me and boe will have to trade off on assisting u for double nats a bit if u want i know i wont complain lol boe might since she has issues sitting still and is usually camping at arma which gives me an idea ...... ill pm u but i bet u wont figure it out even tho it seems as tho im refering to u going to gwd im not helping u camp would be a pain with ur lvls rofl
  11. Star Crossed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids
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