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  1. Going for 99 herby!!! OMG thats exciting we will finally have twin capes besides quest! :mrgreen: 80 prayer is gunna be annoyin thoo with the current prices on d bones its gunna feel like a waste of cash....... *does happy dance about sammi finally getting herby cape* \:D/ lol oh and errr there was somethin elce but i forgots wat oh well
  2. Guess What! I'm not burried under books and homeworks anymore?! So erm HIIIIIIIII!!!!!! lol :grin: Omg guess what while u were on ur little vacation I gots 99 mage :P Get ur butt in gear and get that 99 fming so i can make u do the emote like 785637392000067902378 million times!! Welll.... till i get my own cape..... ~♥Boe
  3. Woot! Updates! lol Omg you change your mind way tooo much at least I know you can stick to 200M wc rofl you damn wc addict!! :lol:
  4. Jenih's right but thats only if you keep up with rcing and if you don't go off and start training other stufff and its too bad you wont let us help u make double nats =\ i think it'd be faster if you did but i know u want to get the xp urself so you can do double's sooner then if we help u make them
  5. rofl i love how u told jen u'd come kill in my dungon and you wanted her ags since she offered it then u go and just rc with it!! at the rate your going with power rcing you'll have yours back in no time i hope? either way glllll!!
  6. hmmm i see, well i guess me and jen will have to make you get 99 slayer wif us muhahahaha!!!
  7. gratz on 84 str and hitpoints, 75 herb and 80 mage rofl girl you've been training tons!!! No more complaints from me, at least for awhile anyways! :thumbsup: I know u have tons of charms stashed away so you neeeeeeeeeed to come train summon with me monday! I'm getting 90 ftw and you should get 74 for that granite lobby you've been complaining you want lawls. As for if there is still law running, it's not like the old days you give p-ess and runes now so its lame don't bother just abby laws till double nats I know u just need 66 to finish the diary but get to double nats then lemme know and i'll craft wif u =P idk bout you but i'm using the summon to get to the nat alt and banking in cws, and you missy is getting 99 str before any of this!!! I'ma get 99 slayer wif you after ur done with the nooby drags lol they tis bad xp really bad xp do slayer!!! and just sell ags for bandos and dfs or something till ur done!! jen wants u to go max cb wit her btw doooo it!! <3<3
  8. Gratz on 82 str, nice to see you've stuck with it long enough to lvl :lol: the bets are in on this! same stakes as always lol jen - will get 99 ziggs - 2 weeks Boe - get to around 90 and quit (since thats what tends to happen lately *cough* fletch *cough*) ryan - 4 weeks lol matt - won't make it to the end of the week kev - 3 days I think me and jen have the highest hopes so erm if your gunna quit do so at 90 :thumbsup:
  9. :oops: yea I did but its not my fault i died at mithies, ncis was on sooo thats where my attention was lmao!! But tbh I didn't lose anything thanx to lovely Raven blessing my stone :thumbsup: (I'm surprised you didn't screen shot my stone or me dying lol) btw you best stop changing your mind abouts the skill your going for its getting too confusing when i need to sneak up on you to tell you random stuff or when me and jen come to attack with snowballs -.- gl with str tho, thats what i shouldve gotten insteada def lol but w/e ill get it eventually it'll be easy since im already 94 str rofl
  10. Yea ok!! I see where this is going... :notalk: shame on you Jen for taking Raven's side too, I see how it is -.- I knew she'd update but I didn't ""Nag"" her to do so I swear!! O:) Nag is such a old lady word tbh .... look what you started Raven -.- I shalt see you in my combat ring wait i mean office, yea office for this!!! muhahahahaha
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