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  1. Would replacing the gear with pros do anything? Lengthen trip, shorten trip ect?
  2. Would I be able to kill them efficiently enough? And if so, what would be the lowest recommended gear?
  3. How did they manage to nerf effigies? I quit ages ago and only recentlly came back. This is the first I've heard of this. Would someone be able to explain this shit to me?
  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. Lul my mage picture is still there :P I see the guide is still AOW'd :)
  6. Nice spam on page 1, use a hide tag ;) Nice stats, you rich and stuff, don't get hacked ;P 8/10
  7. Idk if this thread belongs in this part of the forums, so ya, sorry if it's in the wrong one :) May contain a spoiler if you ain't collected the letters Thok is the Master of Dungeoneering, you can find him beside the Skillcape of Dungeoneering Anyway, was taking a stroll down the path of Daemonheim, and i came across this ghost: I had amulet of ghostspeak and ring of visibility on, and it provided no options to interact with him, not even an examine. Possible spoiler: If you've read the Letters from M. And Thok, you'd know that M dies. M being Marmaros So ya, does anybody know any more on this?
  8. Oh gratz on 50 runecrafting. Have fun with firemaking ;)
  9. Woah, forgot all about this lol, for like 6-7 months? O.O I'll edit it properly tomorrow
  10. Since the release of the new weapon, the Staff Of Light, a pro special attack has been released with it. Its special attack reduces all melee attacks by 50% for a minute. Could possibly be used for the 95 prayer + 88 summoning method of tanking at Zammy to reduce hp lose
  11. Added information about Curses and stuff. Been a while since i've posted on here so ya. I'm over Bandos now, so won't be updating this much unless the new high level equipment comes out. Enjoy
  12. Ok, tested the new curses, not much different from normal prayers. Only 72 prayer so i couldn't test the high level ones such as soul split and turmoil. Soul split would help greatly if you're damaged and healing after the boss kill and you're not healing, and turmoil is supposedly Piety on roids If somebody could test these it'd be great ;)
  13. Uhh, ya what Joe said :) Going to test the new curses, mainly just Deflect Melee and maybe Sap Warrior soon, when i have time. Holidays so ya, I'm pretty occupied atm.
  14. Well the guide is finished for now. Enjoy ;)
  15. Thanx :) I'll try to explain lol. Thanx to JaGeX's summoning update last month, the familers now attack a lot more often and now the GWD Bosses (like Graardor) attack your familers now, and that inturn makes Graardor take his attention off you and then starts to melee another person.
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