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  1. I just upgraded to a wireless keyboard and laser mouse but the thing is if I run out of batteries while I'm killing won't I just die? I was thinking if there was anyhthing I could hit on my keyboard to make me log out? Although there is a Indicator I would rather be safe than sorry.
  2. I just got my first task of 173 WaterFiends and I have never killed them before. Are there any tips or recommended gear I should take? Thanks PS- I'm kinda poor so if there is a cheaper substitution please mention it.
  3. I was wondering at what level i should switch over to Duradel slayer tasks. At the moment I am using Sumona. If I do go to Duradel do I need any special gear? I have Guthans but I dont have 68 summoning. I not sure if Bandos armor and Bunyip are better than just switching over to Guthans when low, but any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I have 84 range. I have several crystal bows and thinking about buying a dark bow. but the thing is i need something good to range. im tired of blue dragons, demons, and fire giants. does anyone have any suggestions.
  5. I was wondering would it be worth giving up the defensive bonus over the 20%( i think) on Strength and Accuracy? I'm doing for slayer so does this also work with Slayer Helmet or should i just wear salve ammy and a different helm
  6. OK thanks a bunch I'm gonna try that.
  7. I've died with my veracs agaisnt the Elemental Thing and im wondering what is a good set up. Right now I'm wearing Karils with Infinty boots, whip, rune def, and fury. I was planing on ranging for my second style of fighting when the demons come out. (Is this OK?) I pretty much would like any and all input on some how finding a way to pwn this thing to get this quest over with. Thanks. :
  8. I was wondering if I could get more/better herb drops from the lvl 37 Druids compared to the lvl 13. I'm already using a Macaw Anyone know?
  9. I need some help finding the turkeys at Fally and Varrock. Can anyone give me some clues?
  10. I couldn't find the one that says its behind lumby castle and near the swamp. Any clues?
  11. I know it sounds bad but if anyone has a picture of the site I'd like to know what it looks like so we know what we are all up against out there.
  12. I was trying to do that but I ended up not getting it right as you can tell. :?
  13. Although I agree with Vulxai, if you want all of the xp go with Ectofuntus. I recommend you grind all the bones first, then gather the goo. Like this- 13 Bones and Buckets then Sorry if it looks funny I'm new to posting pictures
  14. Mine Iron south of the Varrock West Bank until level 60. Then at 60 enter guild and mine coal to make your steel bars.
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