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  1. Welcome back! :D

  2. Just recently started playing again after a 1 and a half year break, read up on stuff i forgot and got this:
  3. back baby!

    finally interested in the game again :P

  4. 8-) Accidently turned off retaliate, that's why it's off.
  5. 2 levels until I finish this boring skill, hopefully these last levels will be quick.
  6. First level in 6 months, kind of back to RuneScape as well, no members for a while though.
  7. Why not use Thunder Fang? deals with Water and Flying types well, especially Gyarados, you just need to go to the Move Re-learner in Pastoria to have Houndoom learn it.
  8. What happens when you give a new emote to RuneScape... ;)
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