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  1. The in-game difficulty level is different then what is used for the quest guide. It is rating as Experienced in game and the quest guide has it on Intermediate.
  2. Sorry about no updates for the past couple of days. Haven't had much time to play and honestly I've been thinking about this account. While I love this playstyle I really want to go back to the traditional style of play at least for a little while. So for about a month or two I will be ceasing play time on this account and going back to Artigiano. I am not abandoning this account by any means, I am just taking a extended break from it. Thank you to everyone who has followed my progress and I will be back in two month's time.
  3. Day 51 Today was all about the Mad May reward. As I'm sure you are all aware, the item doubles earned experience up to 250k bonus experience. Before I knew this I was going to use it on Summoning, but there is a problem. I don't train Summoning conventionally, so it would be near impossible to train it with the bonus. I instead choose to train Agility with it. So I head off to the desert to do some runs of the Agility pyramid til around 45ish or so. I then headed over to Xuan to pick up the Surefooted aura with my 5k additional Loyalty points, and took a boat to Brimhaven to work at the Agility course there for 20 minutes. And by work I mean doing the Spinning blade trap over and over again for those 20 minutes. This gets me to 47 Agility. Needing a new course I head over to the Barbarian course. Now the experience felt sluggish with what I was used to for the Agility pyramid so I quickly moved. There was one upside to going there though. I ran into someone. Number 8 is doing Agility. Now I know this may not be that impressive but it's the first time I spotted a top ranked player in my long, long history of playing Runescape. I still remember when he was number one for a time. Anyway, I headed back to the Agility pyramid and gain a few levels. I broke the 50 milestone while there, as well as the 1200 Total level one in the process. Kept going to level 52 for the Wilderness course. Getting to the course however was tons of fun. Ran into a couple of pkers at the lever and we had some nice chats until they realized they weren't gaining anything by killing me over and over again. Nice guys though. Got to the course and stayed there for much of the rest of my Runescape time. Got 57 Agility and plan to use the rest of my necklace with Agility which will get me to 67 I believe. On a side note got my second rare SOF spin today. Jagex must of increased the odds a lot with the new update. So fun times today, good experience gains, and more to come in the future. Skills 6/1/12
  4. Day 50 Sorry but not much today. Completed other worldy beings task, which got me 40 Slayer, and 48 Magic. Next task was Killerwatts and went to Range them and got completely destroyed. After that I didn't play until around Day reset. That was when I got this. First rare SOF spin. Kinda funny, I only got around 2.3k exp for Summoning and I can get that from medium lamps in almost every other skill, and a small for Runecrafting. Not much but still something I suppose. Skills 5/31/12
  5. Day 49 Today was just an extension of yesterday's training. Left ogres to go and range werewolves. 100 experience per kill is pretty awesome. Drops aren't usually that great but on a rare occasion they can be just what is needed. Extremely happy about that! Also was able to get another halfway milestone too. Slayer leveled up to 39, and Ranged to 47 during this task. Next task was Otherworldly Beings, so I decided I would mage them, since that is their weakness. Got an uncut diamond drop, a few rune drops, and a Magic level so far but that is about it so far. Sorry for not much today, but it has been that kind of day. Skills 5/30/12
  6. Day 48 So I may have lied yesterday. I didn't complete In Aid of the Myreque. Didn't really play much at all to be truthful. I did gain some levels today however. First off I gained some Dungeoneering levels while watching a stream of the Queen Black Dragon. Looks really awesome but I doubt I will be able to do it at all. Combat has never been my strong suit. Always preferred to sit back and relax while playing, and you can't always do that while combating monsters. I did however reach another "halfway" milestone and of course contrary to what I just said it was Attack. A little after I broke the 4 million experience milestone after completing a dungeon. Because of my lack luster form, and my obsession with equal combat stats I had to have 50 Strength and Defence as well. So I headed off to complete my shades task at Morton. Gained a Slayer level and the 2 "halfway" milestones. Got a werewolf task after that, so it seems Morytania is a popular slaying destination as of late. Decided instead to train my Ranged so that it will get to level 50 as well. Wanted to try out Fire Giants, but couldn't find the right safe spot so I instead went to the Combat Training Ground to kill some Ogres. Did gain a Ranged level at Fire Giants though. So sorry about not completing In Aid like I promised, just didn't feel like putting a lot of focus in to my playing today. Skills 5/29/12
  7. @Blake I'm glad you liked the update, might want to think of doing "story lines" for my Runescape days then. @Swedishboy5 Thanks for the support. Going to avoid Runespan for awhile though. Too much and it will become extremely boring. Day 47 Today was an beautiful day in Gielinor, perfect for just laying around with everyone's favorite pet, the cat. So calm and furry, only occasionally wanting a fish or two and a nice rub on the belly. So why did Jagex ruin this great feeling with such a horrible quest? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I should let you know that today I did Icthlarin's Little Helper. Early in the blog I completed my most hated quest Sheep Herder, but this one gives it a run for its money. Anyone who has done it knows what a pain this quest can be. The storyline isn't the problem, but the game-play is gut-wrenching. I don't know how many times I failed a trap, or fell jumping over that accursed pit. Anyway, I got through it and felt that I didn't want to put away my cat just yet. So I completed the two other Cat quests, A Tail of Two Cats and Ratcatchers. The latter wasn't a problem and finished it really quickly and easily. Ratcatchers was easy until I realized I probably couldn't complete a specific part with a kitten. So I had to raise it a bit. And I always raise my cats when fishing, just seems natural. So I pull out my lobster pot and get 52 Fishing, 53 Cooking, and an older cat. After it aged up, the rest of the quest was a breeze. By the way, the cat is staying in the bank for awhile. Don't want to think about that Cat Raising medal right now. On a side note I passed 100 quests complete with Ratcatchers! After that I wanted to get one more quest in, and the one on the top of my list was In Search of the Myreque. As I enjoyed doing the Myreque quests the first time, I figured I should get a start on them. Not much of a problem, and the quest was really enjoyable. One of the better quests/quest series in my opinion. Tomorrow, I will complete In Aid of the Myreque, maybe get further on in the Myreque quest chain if possible. So today started out pretty horrendous, but overall was a good day for completing some quests. Skills 5/28/2012 Quests 5/28/2012
  8. Day 46 When I started today, I didn't have much in mind to do. I wanted to get all my skills above level 30 which I did. Then I got another "half way" milestone. Got that really quickly using Thieves' Guild coshing. Somewhere around 3 levels in 15 minutes. After that I started to think on what I should spend the rest of my day doing. I didn't really have any goals to speak of, wasn't close to any milestone levels, or levels for that matter what should I do? Well I decided to quest today, and quest I did. In total I completed 11 quests today if you count the sub quests for Recipe for Disaster, and man was it fun! Started out by doing The Slug Menace for Proselyte Armour. Quickly finished Kennith's Concerns later. Completed all the Recipe for Disaster subquests I could; which was Pirate Pete, Skrach, and the Lumbridge Sage. Then I decided I wanted to see how well I could handle a "high-level" boss and decided to do Tree Gnome Stronghold. It was surprisingly easy. Now confident in my abilities I took on Holy Grail, and destroyed that Black Knight. Wanting to continue my destruction of evil, I decided to take on Agrith-Naar in Shadow of the Storm. With my newly gained 41 Magic, he was a breeze with Protect from Magic with a little extra prayer points to spare. Coincidentally I needed Shadow of the Storm to complete Evil Dave's portion of Recipe for Disaster. Killing Hell rats with a kitten... Not as bad as it sounds. Got the stew in about 20 minutes. So Recipe of Disaster is getting down pretty quickly. Wanting to get some more useful quests done, I completed The Fremennik Trials. Struggled with the Draugen at first but quickly rebounded and killed him easily. Finally to complete another really useful quest with a "high-levelled" boss, I wrapped up the night by completing Lost City. Sorry about the dragged out descriptions but I felt I needed a deep explanation on why I did so many quests today. Really enjoyed today and I hope to get some more progress done throughout the week. Skills 5/27/12 Quests 5/27/12 A lot of pictures
  9. Day 46 It is done. 80 Runecrafting has been meet and now I finally caught up to everyone else at least in this area. Spent much of the day getting this final level, with a lot of my free time being spent by doing some much needed yard work. I was able to get a few odd levels, such as Construction, Hunter, and some Melee levels while killing Ice Giants. I want to get all my levels above level 30, and only need two more levels in Construction and Summoning to reach this, so I headed out to get some charms. Apparently Ice Giants drop Greens regularly. As my luck would have it I got exactly 0 Green charms. 10 Gold and a Crimson though. If anyone has any suggestions for charm hunting at my level please let me know! I did get a medium Clue scroll from Ice Warriors while they were aggressive though. Quickly finished it only to be disappointed by the result. Best thing I got was a fire battle-staff; the bow is a willow composite, I'm sure you can understand my pain. Might get 40 Hunter tomorrow because of how quick the levels will come now. Maybe not. That is for tomorrow to decide! Skills 5/26/12
  10. Day 45 Today was just a continuation from yesterday. Some awesome progress! Started today by getting to 79 Runecrafting! One more left! After that I went on a questing rampage. Started with Garden of Tranquility, stopped so my Willow tree could grow, then completed some really quick quests such as Mountain Daughet, Tears of Guthix, and Witch's House so that I could get some branches to complete Enlightened Journey. I rounded out the night by completing Tourist Trap and Waterfall Quest. So every single level you see with the exception of Runecrafting was gained through questing! Now hopefully tomorrow will allow me to finish my goal of 80 Runecrafting, and then it will be followed by even more questing. Until tomorrow. Skills 5/25/12 Quests 5/25/12 Warning lots of pictures
  11. Congrats and hopefully I will be joining you in a few days.
  12. Day 44 Some good progress today, mainly in the quest department. Started off the day, gaining that Runecrafting level I planned for. Only took about an hour or so. Then after that I started Recipe for Disaster and got some of the subquests done. After that I completed Another Slice of H.A.M. as well as Forgettable Tale... No real skill training today, so all the levels I got came from quest rewards. But those quest rewards helped me to pass another milestone. So tomorrow could be one of two things, I either play very little or I try and complete some more quests. Until tomorrow I suppose. Skills 5/24/12 Quests 5/24/12 Good amount of pictures!
  13. Day 43 I started today off by completing a quest. Scorpion Catcher to be exact. This lead me to complete two more Wanted! and Shades of Morton. Shades of Morton was extremely beneficial simply because shades are my current Slayer task, so I killed a few extra while there. A lot of the levels you do see are from the quest rewards, such as Slayer, and Herblore. I also have secretly been training my Summoning through SOF lamps, hence why I haven't been mentioning them. The Prayer level up is from the Relleka easy task reward lamp and the Magic level up is from Crumble Undead, though I am still attempting to get that elusive chaos talisman. I ended my night with a trip to Runespan for this. Blood esswraiths make this somewhat quicker I suppose. During that I also passed another experience milestone. Never have any luck getting these exactly when they are passed. My plan now is to go about a normal Runescape day, and near the end of the day visit Runespan and get a level, so that hopefully I will have 80 Runecrafting and full Wicked Robes by Saturday. That's the plan let's hope it works. Skills 5/23/12 Quests 5/23/12
  14. Sorry about no update yesterday but I think I am going to start updating only when I do something worth letting you all know about. On to today... Day 42 Started off today by completing the new quest, which is amazing! Great job Jagex, and spent a few moments in the new dungeon. Got a clue scroll from the young grotworms and here was the reward. Kinda useless. After that I went off and started on my Agility level. Spent my time at the Agility Pyramid and got to level 40 Agility. I am using some Advice Jebrim I gave, and I think he is the leading expert on Agility or something. After that I went and got my Hanky points from the Thieves' Guild which got me 47 Thieving. Following this I thought I would finish up my Ranged training at dwarves, getting myself to 40 Ranged. Then I knew it was time. Time to finish it. Dragon Slayer. So I did. Wasn't that hard which came as a shock to me, probably took around 15 minutes in all to do. And that was how I finished up my day in Runescape. Skills 5/22/12 Quests 5/22/12
  15. Since everyone is at the higher level grotworms, and the fact that I am a low-levelled I have been killing the young grotworms. Will continue to update the Kill log if I get any new drops. [spoiler=Kill log]5 Iron arrows 1 Nature Rune 8 Water Rune 8 Mind Rune 1 Silver Ore 1 Attack Potion (1) 1 Gold Charm Clue Scroll (easy) 1 Coal Ore 1 Cod 1 Bronze Spear 20 Coral Bolts 4 Flax [noted] 100 Coins 1 Mackerel 1 Iron ore
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