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  1. So it's been awhile :o. I can't remember doing so, but after checking my GE history having seen my post of weakness on the last page, it would appear I traded :( As far I can see I was just selling junk, but I'm going to
  2. I got 90 fishing :) Blog's on hold for the moment, going on holiday again, then I won't bother playing until my new computer gets here cause I can't take anymore of this 5-10 fps :(
  3. Right, well. I just managed to get on to the the wi-fi in the hotel I'm staying in, after several attempts where it turned out the password had spaces :?. I'm going to make a load of supplies for some bosses, like pack yaks, food and some potions using the seeds from ganodermics. I went to dwarf traders briefly yesterday, not sure why, but they do give occasional rune bars/useful seeds, and I got level 92 Thieving :). So I'm now ready to give the QBD a go, using magic with bloodfire barrage (runes from 2 chests at Barrows where the only gain was blood/deaths -_-) and the legendary cavefish... Yup. Managed to get one kill, resulting in this loot... Nothing useful to be honest :sad: The second kill failed, thanks to the QBD's usual epic combos of fire walls, tortured souls and turning baby blue. Eh? I'm going to stock up on cavefish and maybe try another boss with a yak.
  4. Thanks ;) I don't have any Ports armour at the moment, I stopped playing for a while and still have a few percent to the Pincers, as well as not having the Whaler unlocked. So I won't have the armour for ages, might end up using it when I get it. Might not, see what everyone else thinks :D. Edit: So I might have given the QBD a go in rune with cavefish to try and tick a boss off until I can use chaotics, as well as maybe get something useful, when I completely forgot antifires... :wall:
  5. Oh yeah, thanks for that, forgot about them. They drop a few alchables too :D I'm not going to be using my chaotics until I've killed three unique bosses, but I could manage it using the blisterwood polearm I made earlier. Hopefully I'll be getting a new computer soon, one that will be able to run RS at max settings easily rather than the current 10 FPS I've been getting :L Until then, I've got my holidays and I'll just be doing some fishing to get a nice supply of food.
  6. So I'm finished with the Polypore dungeon for now, I got all the drops I wanted to get from it within the time it took for me to make a full set of ganodermic. It came to about 5.1m in total, not too shabby ;) I swapped my wand and book to a blisterwood staff by the end, because it was eating up too many runes and I need 15,000 fires just for my polypore staff :sad: I made about 100k in cash from the polypore sticks and the rune bars while I was down there, so I could buy the runes from shops, but they take absolutely ages to restock. I'll put the wicked hood runes towards fires now and make sure to buy the shops out whenever they're in stock. [spoiler=Holiday] Didn't want to make a massive wall of text, hence the spoiler. I'm going on holiday tomorrow to Ireland for 4 nights, then I'll be back at home for nearly a week, then off on holiday again for at least a week. I might take my laptop to Ireland, but I doubt I'll be on for an extensive amount of time :mad:. Anyway, I think I'm going to try some Barrows soon, once I've stockpiled a bit of food - probably cavefish. (Curse you, 87 fishing.)
  7. All good ideas, thanks, I took up the batwing one and have a full set of that, as well as some runes I bought from the guild in Yanille. I'm almost 100% sure I'll end up at barrows at one point, but so far I've managed to make a ganodermic helm after obtaining a grifolic wand. Need another 7k flakes for the body and legs though, and hopefully I'll get a polypore stick and enough spores for a staff soon. Not sure where I'll get the fire runes for it from though, I might actually have to do some manual runecrafting - like the peasants of '07. :razz: Mage isn't an issue at the moment, so I might kill some Abyssal demons for a whip and do some barrows. Edit: Awwwwwwww yiss. Also got over 3k spores, a polypore staff and some ganodermic gloves.
  8. Thanks :) So I liquefied my bank and put the cash in on a load of cheap Nex stuff, so if the offers come in, I'll be rich ;). Also, the blogs off to a start and if anyone has any ideas for what they'd like to see on it, let me know. Anyway, on to the game. I decided the best way to start off would be to get some cash together for runes and the like, so it was back to basics. Mining :anxious:. Managed to mine an inventory of rune in the Dwarven mines, and am currently being pelted with rocks in the LRC trying to get the coal to smelt it all. The plan will probably be to smith a rune weapon and the rest platebodies so I can kill some stuff... Not entirely sure what next :? Oh yeah, and on the topic of chaotics, I think I'm only going to use them once I've killed three unique bosses, just so I don't use them from the start.
  9. Hey there, and welcome to yet another blog :) I've sold my bank, put the cash into the GE and given up trading for the duration of my goal, which could take quite some time. The goal you see, is to obtain every drop from every soloable boss in the game. So the Kalphite King, Vorago and possibly Nex are out ;) [spoiler=Bank]I'm going to keep my Dungeoneering items, as well as achievement diary items, since I earned them. Starting bank [spoiler=Skills] I've been playing for several years, so my skills aren't too shabby :) [spoiler=The Rules] No using the Grand Exchange/trading with other players. All PvM solo. NPC shops are allowed. Minigames are allowed. Group Dungeoneering is allowed. No Chaotics to be used until 3 unique bosses have been killed.
  10. I don't even know what happened to my PvM post, it's all messed up :s So a mere ~250 Glacors or so into my killing spree, I found these :D I want to post a bank pic soon as well, it's nothing special, but it's cool just to see progression :) Just need to sort through piles of mess first :l Glacors 351 kills 37 Shards of Armadyl Steadfast boots x1 :)
  11. My exams are finally over :) They'd been spread out over about a month and a half, which is kind of good because it gives me time to revise for the next one inbetween, but also, I quite like getting stuff out of the way so I can move on, something which wasn't allowed here :( But oh well, onto RS :D I haven't been on much other than to do warbands and POP daily, and sometimes I've been failing that as well... Woops. I've realised that purely going for the max cape is putting me off playing, but I still enjoy PvM. For that reason, I'm going to stop grinding when I don't feel like it and just kill some bosses :) The max cape is still the main goal, but it's being relaxed in favour of fun ;) I passed the 2.4k total milestone a few days ago with 98 Herblore, during which I made 1,000 overloads - hopefully I don't run out again soon, my bank can't take it :( Oh, and one thing I'd completely forgotten about until I looked at my saved screenies, I found a Hexhunter bow :D! Shame it's not the best bow to have anymore, but I'm keeping it bound just incase it happens to be once again. Also, I can tank like a [cabbage] if I want to now ;). So the first boss I want to give a serious go is Glacors. The goal - Obtain all three boot drops or the Staff of Armadyl, whichever comes last... Current stats 206 kills 25 shards of Armadyl 0 boots :o
  12. Hey again :) 93 Mining, courtesy of the wonderful Warbands :) Going to make maxing so much easier, as long as Jagex don't nerf it yet :sad: I've had three wands of Treachery since I started warbanding, and today was the first one I managed to get away with the wand and the supplies, the other couple of times I've just stuck up protect item and died a quick death :eek: So, made about 8m from that. Also, I've been doing daily farm runs with magics and palm trees, which is expensive, but such good exp, so I just hit 92 Farming :) My main goal at the moment is 100 Dungeoneering, partly because I need it for max cape, partly because a friend has recently gotten the max cape and I don't want to get left behind, and partly because it' a cool number :? Bought the rapid renewal prayer, the scroll of efficiency and a spirit cape :)
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