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  1. -Taken from Corruption boards, Quoted from Chopa234. Corruption officials offered Eh a short prep miniwar, Rules were couldn't outnumber eachother by 20 options. Was a 40 minute prep and Corruption pulled 250+ options to Eh 165 options so we had to cut quite a few :oops: We began doing our cuts and had 180 options of 122+ Combat. Rest of Corruption ac'd with Df which both did an amazing job thanks guys. Fight started and Eh had there amazing trademark spam towers but Corruption was able to ko Eh left and right while Corruption was able to tank them for awhile. Fight progressed and it was easy to see Corruption was taking over. Was an amazing fight, Good job Corruption so proud of you guys right now and thank-you Eh for the fight. Corruption Starting: 180 Options Eternal Honor Starting: 165 Options Corruption Levels: Eternal Honor Levels: Corruption Ending: 140 Options Eternal Honor Ending: 0 Options
  2. Cor vs DI for war participated in. I liked watching Gladz mass for the Ds vs Gladz war though, it was pretty massive.
  3. I won't rank a clan that won't official war anymore, and will last no longer then another month
  4. Why is Jagz #7 when they declined war with RR and lost to CoR? Also, Tmrd is rank 10.. I'm sure Mk or Anarchy or RR could beat em, if not CoR mk would be a good fight. however i know we crushed anarchy in a funwar thin and im pretty sure we beat rr in one too ( i might be thinkign of one of the other clans we fought in funwars...) cor.. I thought they were dead a long time ago. I havent seen them in almsot 6 months no
  5. 1. Di 2. ZF 3. Td 4. Gladz --Power Gap-- All 5 clans below are very close, wars could really go either way for most of them. --5-9-- Ds The Trwf Bk Kt --Power Gap-- 10. Anarchy 11. Mk --Power Gap-- 12. RR :)
  6. 1. Di 2. Zf 3. Td 4. Gladz 5. Bk 6. The 7. Ds 8. Trwf 9. Anarchy 10. Mk 11. Kt- put them down a bit, haven't seen a war 12. Rr 13. Corr 14. Eos 15. Tmrd 16. Jagz
  7. 1] Di 2] Gladz 3] Zf 4] Td 5] Bk 6] Mk 7] Ds 8] Anarchy 9] Trwf 10] The 11] RR 12] Jagz 13] Rsf 14] Lc 15] Corr
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