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  1. alright, sounds like a plan :) thank you guys, i will give it a go. if i fail i'll get back to you ;) cheers
  2. ok cool, ty! is there a difference between warbands 1 and 2?
  3. i didn't use any.. do they not - or less likely - kill you when you're in the fc?
  4. hey guys this might be a stupid question... but: why do i always get killed at warbands? i seem to be the only one who always gets piled.. i usually have to wait a bit till ppl have calmed down or already left. is it something with the purple gear and the yaks or is there a fc which keeps you from getting killed or anything the like?? it is kinda annoying, as i only go there for the construction xp and don't really wanna bother pking... any worlds without pk(/er) or anything i can do to just do warbands without pking? thanks!
  5. what do you mean it only works with "auto attacks"? how do i use EE then? thanks for your help guys btw: is it a good idea to use c rapier and EE offhand?
  6. urgh... how uncool!!! :( soooo.. i guess rapier doesn't work on wyverns anymore, hm? ^^ oh and an off-topic question: whats a good cheap weapon setup now with that offhand thingy? like c-rapier and what in the second hand? (and weapon specials have been removed too, right? for example the healing of an (e) excalibur)
  7. the different weapons still have different stats though, right??
  8. ok you guy lost me when you started talking about the t*..!? :/
  9. dont have a c staff either :( melee isn't an option anymore? the vid looks good though! thx. will def. try it once i have a staff (which is not my first prio, i have to admit)
  10. hey there so i just got back to rs and saw a few changes :D i used to melee and cannon wyverns quite well, but now this somehow seems to be impossible. they multi-attack me and soulsplit seems to heal less than it did in rs2. whats the way to kill them nowadays? its a slayer-tasks, so i use the slayer helm and c rapier (dont have cls yet).. any help would be appreciated! thx!
  11. yea.... uhmm... no. so you want advice on how to get jagex to give you your stuff back, but won't take basic security measures to secure your account? Why should they bother (not that they do anyway :rolleyes: ) if you won't? You'll just get hacked again. well i did like 90% of that stuff and got hacked. im using a mac, which has a great built-in av-software, i change my pw frequently, have an extra email-address for it and - oh wonder - don't tell anybody my passwords (thx for indirectly calling me retarded), don't use same passwords and most obviously do have a bank code.. -.- that's why my answer was the posted one. or maybe im just the 0.00000000000001%. i actually still do have my account. they haven't changed the password of it. no idea why not. but i still have it. didn't need to get it recovered or something (which i still did for security and evidence purposes. oh and to the other guy who asked why jagex should bother giving me my items back: maybe because ive been paying those mofos 5$ a month over 7y to play a game and to support their backoffice, their IT, their security team and who the hack else is responsible to keep my account secure. and if they don't manage to keep hackers from getting my items i really request them to provide me with the exact same stage of my account, which it had when it got hacked. i assume that's what their main task is. so thx for your replies. anyway. and thx to kim, the only one who realizes that its not always the players fault to get hacked.
  12. heyy so i logged in and saw all my good items gone. im a cmb 137, total 2177. value of my stuff: about 400m i'd guess. if not more. what can i do now? is there any way to get my "old" account back? including the bank? can i somewhere somehow report it or anything?.. would be grateful for any help.. thx
  13. look at the grandmaster quests. they all have certain requirements, also quest-wise. do those quests first, since you really want to do the hardest, longest and most interesting quests (grandmasters).
  14. i wouldn't recommend a godsword for slayer.. for slayer the best weapon really is a chaotic rapier or in your case a whip. if you can afford it the whip vine but a normal whip should do. use any cmb-boosting potions you have (or can make) and also prayers. those 2 speed up your slayer a lot!
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