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  1. Here are my changes in stats from my last blog post. I plan to be more active on Runescape for the forseeable future. Gonna get 60 in all skills and eventually unlock curses.
  2. Hello, I too recently got back into runescape and the eoc has me kind of confused. Are two-handed weapons the best? If so what should I use? I have 60 att but surely I can raise that quickly because eoc is supposed to have crazy xp/h. Are there any bosses or monsters I could kill that could make a decent income? If not what would be a good thing to train on? I have ancients unlocked if that helps. Thanks!!
  3. What quests should i do for farming?
  4. Hello everyone! I just finished Lunar Diplomacy and Merlin's Crystal and it is time to change things up a bit. I am looking for something to do, either to improve my account or just to have fun! Any suggestions?? :)
  5. ^thank you very much. That was actually one of my biggest concerns. I would be scared to risk that much haha.
  6. Wow. Thank you guys so much. Scratch the new account. Goin for it on my main right after i get lunars :) i love you all
  7. ^u serious about my main being one?
  8. Thank you so much everyone. I should be starting this pure in about a week probably. I will have a blog and keep you guys posted. Don't expect a TON because I will also be working on my main account. Low_levelled , I am going to be doing this quest on my main. Also, give me like 100m cuz its muh birthday lol :)
  9. So just do quests? Are there any levels i should get up first?
  10. I'm really considering making a Storm of Armadyl pure but i just dont know where to start. Can anyone help me out?
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