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  1. Despite the fact that you were forced to endure such a horrific example of why this game is so very frustrating, I'm pleased to see that you haven't given up. Keep up the fantastic work, we all appreciate it around here.
  2. So close to that goal, well done. Once you hit the 99, it will be such a relief.
  3. Of course. I love when I get to where I need to be and then need to turn back. :P Thank you so much for the assistance! It was much appreciated!
  4. I'm looking to gain access to the mountain camp near rellekka. However, I am experiencing some serious difficulties in accomplishing my task. I'm unaware of whether or not there is a quest that I need to complete? Or perhaps I am just overlooking the road that I need to take? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Replies here will be looked at as well as Private Messages in the game. I will most likely still be attempting to get in this darned place, so feel free to hit me up. iDubbbb is the account. Thanks in advance!
  5. I find it rather ridiculous to make a comment like this. Nowhere in his post did he state that he was looking for Runescape fame and attention. On another note, good luck with this goal. I will be impressed with your abilities if you can manage 99 cooking by Sunday.
  6. Good luck on the 99s! You seem to have no problem with setting a heavy goal for yourself!
  7. Make sure you complete Lost City to start. Also, get the requirements for Monkey Madness done early for that extra attack experience. You may also want to complete Priest in Peril for obvious reasons :P. Horror From the Deep for a prayer book if you're interested. Other than that, get those stats up!
  8. I really enjoy browsing through your blog regularly. Impressive fishing level, and furthermore, mining level. I remember bringing in lobster after lobster when I had sharks in my sights. Keep going, friend.
  9. I have been silently following your blog, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the rate at which you generate these levels. Well done, my friend.
  10. There isn't much in this post that I don't agree with to be honest. Although a belt slot seems to be heavily out of the question, it would certainly add another aspect into the game. Higher level capes would be pretty interesting as well.
  11. Wow, without even typing anything, the post is hilarious. I am assuming you did manage to complete the quest, eh? :P
  12. Brilliant. This is by far the most entertaining thread I have ever read on these forums. I really enjoy your paragraph-sized blurbs about random stuff that actually snap back to the big picture. Like I said, brilliant.
  13. Certainly keep going with this. I enjoy watching the progress of a lower leveled pker develop skills and become a much more powerful high leveled pker. Good luck with all of your goals.
  14. I'm liking the useful 5 Fletching haha. Joking. Well done, man. That is quite an achievement. Good luck with your future player killing. 9/10.
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